LEGO City Summer 2022 train sets revealed [News]

The recently unveiled LEGO City 60336 Freight Train is joined today by two more train-themed sets that appeared on As a tradition, the cargo train is accompanied by the new 60337 Passenger Express Train. Additionally, the city is finally getting the new station building in the form of the 60335 Train station set. Although based on the existing train system, the sets bring a lot of new play scenarios, with other City sub-themes introduced here and there. All three sets will go on sale on June 1, with prices to be confirmed shortly.

60335 Train station

60336 Freight Train

60337 Passenger Express Train

4 comments on “LEGO City Summer 2022 train sets revealed [News]

  1. andrewbuzzetta

    Same here. The train has doors and they seem to be a new style of door as well. I am warming up to this train and if I pull the trigger I might need two of these for my first modern passenger train since the Horizon Express.

    I think I am liking this.

  2. Yeahoknsme

    Looks rubbish, another Lego fail and we’re stuck with those cheap looking trains for the next 4 years. Woo

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