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A Beauty of a Bionicle Bullfinch

Although summer is fast upon us, this lovely Bullfinch by Oscar Cederwall feels like a scene from early spring. The thin, organic shaping of the branch is what first caught my eye, probably because the bird itself instantly read as “bird” and let me appreciate the setting. But the Bullfinch deserves a closer look, too, with range of interesting shapes provided by clever use of Bionicle, Hero Factory, and even an old NHL Sports helmet for the head.


If you like combining your bricks with avian themes, take a nature walk through our bird archives.

This train tracks. Wait. No it doesn’t.

Sure, there are LEGO train sets on their way this summer, but if you look even further into the future you can find out that Oscar Cederwall (o0ger) has his own unique vision of how the rails will evolve. Basically, they’ll be ditching the rails in favor of hover technology. Smart move. This was a creation a year in the making, and the attention to detail really shines through.

Dusty delivery

You can take the train out of the desert by clicking here