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A Beauty of a Bionicle Bullfinch

Although summer is fast upon us, this lovely Bullfinch by Oscar Cederwall feels like a scene from early spring. The thin, organic shaping of the branch is what first caught my eye, probably because the bird itself instantly read as “bird” and let me appreciate the setting. But the Bullfinch deserves a closer look, too, with range of interesting shapes provided by clever use of Bionicle, Hero Factory, and even an old NHL Sports helmet for the head.


If you like combining your bricks with avian themes, take a nature walk through our bird archives.

Bullfinch in the snow

Sometimes the best designs come from constraints. When it comes to LEGO creations, builders are constrained by the size of their collection or the colors that LEGO elements are available in. In the case of this lovely model of a Bullfinch by Peter Ilmrud, one of the constraints is a glass dome from Ikea to keep his creations dust-free. If this looks familiar, there’s a good reason. We recently featured Peter’s Aladdin vignette also designed to fit under a glass dome. This Bullfinch, based on the LEGO Ideas Birds set 21301 fits perfectly atop a snow-covered branch, looking rather stately. I can almost hear chirping.

Bullfinch in the snow

The tree is skillfully constructed to fit inside the glass dome, without feeling too cramped, or too minimal. The curved wall at the base provides a nice anchor to the scene and the use of loosely poured ice-cream scoops as freshly fallen snow is perfect.