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From giant space carriers to starfighters, moon bases to moon buggies, whether you love LEGO models inspired by real-world space programs or science-fiction, you’re in the right place.

Sad robot will make you happy

LEGO’s new Brickheadz line has prompted a few fan-built creations using the same chunky feel. This robot by Luigi Priori was inspired by the official line, but rises above aping the style to be a great model in its own right. Here the chibi look enhances the creation, whereas recently I’ve seen a lot of Brickheadz-style figures where the blockiness has felt a little forced. Luigi’s Mr Robot may look terribly sad, but he’s nicely put together — the over-sized limbs work well with the cubist feel of the torso, creating a super-deformed super-cute robot with a real sense of character.

A spaceman's best friend

Even a Spacehog needs some bumble bee stripes

As the Febrovery event comes to its conclusion, I couldn’t resist featuring one more ‘rover’ – although a Spacehog is more of a bike than a rover. With an extra long front fork and a laid back riding position, Brian Grissom has definitely captured the feel of a Harley Davison motorbike or “Hog”. I imagine this Spacehog will be an altogether quieter ride in the vacuum of space, compared to the thundering roar of a Harley down here on Earth!

Spacehog, Spacehog, Spacehog! - Febrovery

I’m not sure how practical this particular vehicle would be on the tough terrain encountered in space, but Benny seems to be loving every second of his ride. Fan’s of Classic Space will recognise the nod to those classic “bumble-bee” stripes cleverly included in the central portion on the frame.

We launch at first light

Sometimes amazing LEGO creations are elevated to outright works of art. All it takes is a stunning background and immaculate lighting. This photo of Tim Goddard‘s simple little blue shuttle and his not-so-simple “Nexagon” launch platform looks like it could find a ready home in a museum.

Nexagon landscape

Tim built this creation for the NEXOGON, a parts festival hosted by New Elementary for the new NEXO Knight combo power shield. It’s a strange new piece that probably has more uses than we might expect. Tim used the part as the center of his landing pad, resulting in a cool triangular shape.

All a disorganized space base needs is one of these

There is much to love in this scene by BobDeQuatre. Of course, the cute space boxes are nice and the tiled floor catches the eye, but we all know the star of the show is the Space Mariner Powerlifter monowheel suit. While it uses interesting building techniques and resembles Peter Reid’s Ideas Exo-suit, the real reason I find it so attractive is the effort the builder had to go through to have it stand. This difficult equilibrium makes it look like there is a real working gyroscope in the mech, rendering the build very realistic (for a sci-fi mech).

Space Miner Powerlifter

Two-foot tall LEGO Spyrius mega robot is ready to crush all enemies

Who remembers Spyrius? It was a small LEGO space theme released in 1994, and featured red and black wheeled mechs piloted by droids and humans. Builder Spaceruner has created a new supreme commander for the Spyrius legions, in the form of a mighty mech named Behemoth. This giant robot of doom stands nearly two feet tall (56cm) and can crush all who stand in its way with its 10-wheel drive.

RX1 - Behemoth

Clearly, Spaceruner’s Behemoth takes its design cues from the official 6949 Robo-Guardian set, and just like that set, the Behemoth is loaded with play features. Spaceruner intended this model to be played with, not to collect dust on a shelf. He’s built the model around an extra sturdy Technic frame designed to withstand the rigors of play, and I already want to drive it through a Unitron monorail like some giant space robot Godzilla. If the outside is impressive, though, just wait til you see what Spaceruner has packed inside. Continue reading

Women of NASA is the next LEGO Ideas model [News]

Announced today, the Women of NASA project by Maia Weinstock is the next set in the Ideas line. This project was selected from a group of 11 other ideas that had gathered 10,000 supporters between the months of May and September 2016. Pricing and availability for the Women of NASA set are not yet available.

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Exploring Trappist-1f with Toby Turtle’s exoplanetary submarover

Galaktek continues his long-running series of mechanically inclined animals with a turtle named Toby on an interstellar mission to the newly discovered planets of the Trappist-1 system a mere 39 light years from Earth. The builder says, “Unfortunately, when the NASA contract asked for an “amphibious” rover, they may not have considered how a turtle would look at it…” With wheels that fold into the rover’s body, and a color scheme reminiscent of the LEGO Ideas set 21306 The Beatles Yellow Submarine, it looks like Toby is in for a groovy spacey adventure.

Exoplanetary Submarover

Hovering across the apocalyptic gunk

Curved silver elements lend a nice retro chopper feel to George Panteleon‘s hoverbike, but it’s the smart use of sand green pieces to depict a post-apocalyptic sewer which grabs the eye. The tentacle tip makes for a perfect outpouring of skanky muck, and the soccer pitch part creates a great impression of a thick gloopy liquid in motion. I love when builders pay as much attention to the surrounding scenery as to the central model in a scene — it makes all the difference between a decent image, and a standout one.

Honda C740

One small build for a man, one giant leap for LEGO fan-kind

It is said that you can give anyone a canvas and a brush but only an artist can make it come alive. Same goes for LEGO bricks; you can take a bunch of bricks and put them together, but it takes true creativity to bring those bricks to life. Master artist Chris Maddison does it ever so elegantly and skillfully with only a single color, re-creating man’s first footstep on the moon. It’s so iconic and recognisable that it doesn’t even really need any introduction. It’s really a lesson and inspiration for builders in capturing the simple essence of the subject.

One Giant Leap

Dutch students present prototype satellite design built from LEGO to the European Space Agency

Students at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, including LEGO builder Rinse, had an opportunity to present a prototype satellite design to the European Space Agency (ESA) at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. With a LEGO builder among them, the student team used bricks as their design medium for constructing their 3D prototype. The LEGO model has a hexagonal shape, and the solar arrays don’t require any additional support to remain extended horizontally.

ESA satellite

I once built an 11th century Romanesque castle from LEGO for a university humanities course. How have you used LEGO in your own higher education?

Speeder bike contest ends in less than a week!

Just a reminder that the annual speeder bike contest, run by the good folks over at the LEGO Speeder Bikes Flickr group, is drawing to close at the end of the month. We’ve seen some great entries so far but there is still time to get your rear in gear and build some awesome bikes! There are great prizes up for grabs, donated by The Brothers Brick, as well as all sorts of other swag!

Speeder Bike 'Racing League' Building Contest 2017

I see a spaceship and I want it painted black

Black is one of the basic LEGO colors and one of the most common among all types of pieces. But owning a colossal amount of black parts doesn’t mean you’re good at building in black. Timofey Tkachev shows us how one should treat the color by using nearly a hundred various parts available in black. Arches, handlebars, even windows — you name it. Actually, I’m not sure if there is any LEGO piece in this ship that is used ‘regularly’. This is why Timofey’s creations are so captivating to examine.

Black Spaceship 1