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From giant space carriers to starfighters, moon bases to moon buggies, whether you love LEGO models inspired by real-world space programs or science-fiction, you’re in the right place.

Brutal LEGO starfighter punches through space

We like a good starfighter, and here’s an absolute belter of a model from [email protected]. The brutal and unusual shaping catches the eye, but look closely and you’ll also see some great details — a sweet double cockpit, functional-looking greebling and textures, and restrained-yet-effective use of color.

Apogee (rmx  3rd round)

The “hero shot” with the planet backdrop is smart, but check out the rear view for close-up action on all those lovely engine details…

Apogee (rmx  3rd round) (02)

Asymmetrical starfighter is a little classic

Aaron Dayman and Pascal have collaborated on this brilliant little asymmetrical space fighter:


The model is Aaron’s and shows a great approach to variable geometry. The off-centred cockpit and unbalanced wing design are excellent touches amidst the usual conventions and colors of Classic Space building. And Pascal’s trademark photo-editing skills are put to effective use with the background and engine flares. A brilliant little model, presented with style — exactly what we like to see around here.

A double-helping of Spacey goodness

First up, Moko with a beautiful little space crawler decked out in Classic Space livery. What’s not to love here? Trans-yellow windows, blue and gray color-scheme, black and yellow striping, and even the red and green lights in appropriate positions — this model follows all the “rules” for Classic Space building, but still manages to look fresh and interesting.

Space Crawler

And then we have Jason Briscoe‘s latest, a tanker truck in M-Tron colors. This is a great little model, and despite being built in an “old” LEGO theme, it makes interesting use of the some of the newest LEGO parts. Check out the Nexo Knight shields as plating and mech torso pieces as greebling. Really good work.

M-Tron Celestial Tanker

Benny’s big blue house

Ever wonder what Benny the Spaceman’s house looks like? Well wonder no longer because Wayne Yeh has built the home of everyone’s favorite side-character from The Lego Movie. It’s blue and grey, of course, and filled with lots of classic space details including: a bacta-tank-like shower, a space toilet, a flat-screen, glass television, a greebled surround-sound system (or is that a space-lamp?), some kind of liquid food machine, and plenty of tiny habitats for growing food. What else could a Master Builder like Benny ask for?

Benny`s House

Moon cheese miners

Proving all previous astronomers wrong, in the year 2116 it is discovered that the moon actually *is* made of cheese …at least under the surface. Builder Galaktek is here to help though, having constructed a booming mining industry; one that utilizes cranes, cargo ships and chainsaws to extract the precious substance. The most useful mining tools however are the Moon Indigenous Cheese Eaters (or MICE for short) who sniff out the best pockets of yellowy goodness. Now we just need a planet made of macaroni noodles and we’re good to go!

Moon Cheese Miners by Galaktek

Two boldly go...

A couple of excellent microscale Star Trek spaceships for you. First up, this recreation of the classic Enterprise by hachiroku24 — a lovely little model elevated with some excellent photography…

USS Enterprise

And then there’s Ben Smith‘s cracking version of the Excelsior. If you fancy a go at building this little beautie for yourself, Ben’s been kind enough to provide the LDD file

USS Excelsior

Ranger once again

We had previously featured a version of the Ranger 1 spacecraft from Interstellar movie but that’s no reason to skip another flawless model. Riskjockey worked hard and made four versions of Ranger 1 until coming up with a satisfying result. The end model is quite big at approximately 31.20 centimeters or 39 LEGO studs. Therefore he managed to squeeze in many play features including a rear hatch, airlock doors, opening cockpit, personalized minifigures and decorated interior with reclinable chairs! Check out the whole set for more details!

Ranger 1 front

Ranger 1 back

A dropship delivering more than just LEGO bricks

A dropship is a fictional aerial transport vehicle featured frequently in science fiction and video games, and this is a fine example built by Horčik Designs. This particular dropship has aggressive shaping and plenty of weaponry to provide security. Horčik has clearly spent a great deal of time adding stickers to complete the look. The variety of slopes, curves and angles used is really very impressive.

G3Dropship "Bricks away"

Check out those sexy angles and the aggressive nose art…

G3Dropship "Bricks away"

You can see other views on Horčik’s VTOL dropship album on Flickr. A previous dropship blogged by TBB happens to be a favourite of mine and is also worth a look, the Syd Mead inspired dropship.

Inside a Dalek is a cooler place than you’d imagine

Xenomurphy has been no stranger to the pages of The Brothers Brick in the last few months. We’ve been loving his LEGO versions of scenes from the Elder Scrolls Online. However, he also built this cracker of a diorama, based on an episode from Dr Who where the Doctor and Clara are miniaturized and end up inside a Dalek.

Doctor Who – Into the Dalek

There’s some good greebling here, immediately identifiable as Dalek-style tech if you’re a fan of the show, and there’s an impressive sense of a wider space beyond the limits of the photo’s framing. All-in-all, this is excellent sci-fi building, and it’s great to see a Dr Who build which doesn’t rely on including a TARDIS.

Alien Lilliput welcomes Space Gulliver

jsnyder002 has built a fabulous microscale alien city, whose diminutive inhabitants are about to encounter a lumbering human space explorer…

A Diminutive City

The city tower architecture looks great with a variety of designs on show but remaining within a cohesive aesthetic and color scheme. And the use of binoculars for an elevated railway is inspired.

Space Grinder 2900

Just a short time ago The Brothers Brick hosted a rather tasty space inspired contest and the world was flooded with amazing futuristic eateries. While driving in too late for that contest, the Space Grinder 2900 ECO by Rat Dude has arrived from a future where food itself is a lot less appetizing than it is now. With a simple two point operating system, the Space Grinder 2900 ECO truly embodies the phrase “food on the go”.

Space Grinder 2900 by Rat Dude