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From giant space carriers to starfighters, moon bases to moon buggies, whether you love LEGO models inspired by real-world space programs or science-fiction, you’re in the right place.

LEGO purists beware, this ship may not conform to your ideals

This SHIPtember Avari-class carrier by Pierre E Fieschi is incredible. Without resorting to a wacky shape or an extreme color palette, Pierre has managed to create a stunningly detailed and realistic-looking sci-fi vessel. It’s got an awesome military green paint job, an open hangar bay, and a cargo bay filled with futuristic semi-truck containers. However, some of our readers may be horrified to learn that this build features a large amount of Mega Bloks and 3D printed parts.


Now before you start flipping tables, just hear me out. Some of these Mega Blok pieces are downright snazzy! The wedge tiles, in particular, contribute to this ship’s clean lines and dynamic design. While I’m not suggesting everyone run out and buy Mega Blok, I do think some healthy competition between name brands can’t hurt.

Guernica-class space carrier

I just returned from two weeks in Madrid, and managed to squeeze in some sightseeing around all-day meetings and three-hour dinners starting at 10 PM every night. One life-changing experience was seeing Pablo Picasso’s monumental anti-war painting “Guernica,” which commemorates the bombing of a Spanish town by the Nazi Luftwaffe on behalf of Franco’s fascist rebels. So, I’m not sure how I feel about an aggressive-looking LEGO space carrier bearing that name. Nevertheless, this ship by Leonardo Lopez has some seriously excellent angles. The prow in particular integrates orange parts from a LEGO City snowplow, and the dark gray stripes end with another sharp angle from flags.

ShipTember 2016- Guernica Space-Carrier01

The rear of the ship certainly isn’t lacking in sharp angles, with a pair of canted wings and a funky long tail. With judicious sticker usage throughout, about the only thing missing is a saying emblazoned along the ship’s hull. I think “This machine kills fascists” would do very nicely.

ShipTember 2016- Guernica Space-Carrier02

Eerie alien spaceship with moving sections

Tyler Clites has built a fabulously eerie LEGO spaceship made up unusual organic curves and built in a cold alien color palette. The light blue works brilliantly with the gray and black, but it’s the splash of orange provided by the dome up top which really grabs the attention.

Kulicidae SHIP

To top off this wonderful model, sections of it are motorised. Check out the video below to see the ship in motion in all its cold alien glory…

Kulicidae SHIP Video

LEGO StarCraft Protoss Carrier measures over 31 inches long

As I am not a StarCraft player, I had to look up a Protoss Carrier as it appears in game to judge the accuracy of Tim Schwalfenberg’s LEGO scale replica. I’m looking at this carrier, and I’m thinking, “There’s no way this could be built with LEGO.” But it was built, and built beautifully. Brilliant use of brick bending techniques brings the alien curves to life. Tim adds that his Protoss Carrier was built to 100 LEGO studs in length (just over 31 inches) in only six days, making his build that much more impressive.

Carrier has Arrived

Return to the Valley of the Wind

More than ten years ago, we featured a LEGO model inspired by the Pejite gunship from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Well, here’s another one. Proving once again that inspiration is a close cousin of creative innovation, Nate Rehm-Daly takes us even further from the original source material. Now, instead of being dark red, it’s a combination of blue and neutral tones. And the sleek anime space style has been replaced by something more akin to dieselpulp. But the result stands on its own. That canopy combination is outstanding, and the poseable blue parts are sweet play features. I’d love to see a swarm of these dive down from the clouds.

Royal Gunship 3

ECM Cruiser Parakeet is ready to go

I admit to being a sucker for a ship with lovely curves, and the Parakeet (by Pico van Grootveld) certainly delivers. Like most of the LEGO ships coming out around this time, this green and white beauty is over 100 studs long.

The silhouette is interesting, with fins and a nice form, but that head-on view is just perfect with the engines and those amazing curved circles.

Check out the flickr gallery for some work-in-progress shots!

The Battlestar Chelone

Since the 2004-2009 Battlestar Galactica television series is easily one of my favorite shows of all time, I immediately fell in love with Bart Larrow‘s recent build, the Battlestar Chelone. Even if you haven’t seen the TV show yourself, there’s a lot to love about this LEGO ship.

Battlestar Chelone

Just check out those greebly little turrets and the fantastic hanger bays that light up. Best of all, Bart’s ship is an ugly, almost blocky hunk of a ship, which is simply perfect for the Battlestar Galactica universe. According to the builder, the name Chelone is Greek for “turtle” and obviously refers to the ship’s armored hull. I know that if I’m ever forced to live out the rest of my life in a battleship, I’d be lucky to call this baby home.

Battlestar Chelone

Sleek space carrier is ready for battle

Apparently this is SweStar‘s first attempt at a SHIP (a LEGO spaceship exceeding 100 studs in length). It’s a hell of a debut — nice shaping, sharp color blocking, and some smart greebly details. I particularly like the color choices for the striping — the muted sand blue and sand green make for an interesting change from the brighter stripes which seem to have become the staple design choice on brick-built capital ships.


The bridge towards the rear looks fantastic with that raked section beneath, and whilst it’s not bristling with weaponry, the guns it does display look pretty hefty. The trapezoidal cross-section somehow makes the whole thing look both sleek and mean. Check out this view of the bow…


S.S. Helios reporting; what are your orders?

After hiatus, Sean and Steph Mayo have returned in style with the S.S. Helios, and it is a thing of beauty. As we’ve come to expect, this starfighter features some fantastic parts usage, with a vibrant color scheme. Can you spot the Elves keys? And the dinner plates turned weapons?

If you can narrow it down, what part is your favorite?

Set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship

As SHIPtember 2016 continues, many unique designs for spacefaring vehicles continue to emerge from the LEGO community. This glowing alien exploration vessel by Cecilie Fritzvold really stands out thanks to the stark contrast between the complex (almost organic) bottom section, and solid monochromatic top.

Zea'x Dauphyz

While I think the above angle shows off the build best, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a profile shot too, so that you can really appreciate this ship’s alien proportions:

Zea'x Dauphyz

The Shiva Class Quark Bomber goes for precision

September is in full swing, and with it, another lovely large ship for us to share with you. Today’s beauty comes from Brick Martil, with the Shiva Class Quark Bomber. This beautiful ship has elegant lines along with some fantastic color highlighting, with the orange. It stands out nicely.

I do like the custom stickers, which give it a nice finished feel. I like the angles in the stern of the ship, which give the whole thing a nice feel.

Shiva class quark bomber. Final. Shiptember 2016