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From giant space carriers to starfighters, moon bases to moon buggies, whether you love LEGO models inspired by real-world space programs or science-fiction, you’re in the right place.

70816 Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! 24% off from Amazon

If you missed it at 25% off a couple months ago, 70816 Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! from The LEGO Movie is on sale again from Amazon, available at $75.95 instead of $99.99 (about 24% off).


You can read our review of this fantastic set here on The Brothers Brick.

A fair number of other LEGO sets are on sale for 20% or more off, including 75052 Mos Eisley Cantina, which is $15 off.

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Take care of that ship, Guardian

The spacecraft of Destiny are as much an inspiration to LEGO builders as its its weaponry. Here are two jumpship models that would make the Tower’s shipwright proud.

Jake is back with a follow-up to his Phaeton-class jumpship. His CX-20 Spindle Demon is just as stunning.

CX-20 Spindle Demon

Otto Blees built an equally impressive model of the LRV3 Javelin jumpship.

LRV3 Javelin

Starfighter really earns its stripes

Novvember, the annual month of starfighter building, continues apace. And here’s a belter of a build from Flavio. The golden cockpit is a nice touch, and the striping brings a 90s-era gaming glow to my heart – it’s very F-Zero or Wipeout. But it’s the level of detailing, particularly around the engines, which really makes this model for me.


Textured bricks break up the surfaces and add depth and intricacy, and along with the use of minifig accessories, like claws and ice skates, these touches make the model look much bigger than it really is. I’d like to swoosh this around the room making rocket thruster and pew-pew blaster noises.

Flavio’s Flickr photostream is a treasure trove of spaceships and cute little mechs. I might have found a new favourite builder…

Capturing the queen in Novvember

We’re less than a week into Novvember and already flickr is awash with vic vipers. David Roberts has started the event off strong with this stunning viper. It’s packed full of interesting details while still maintaining an overall clean appearance. But the real standout features of this build are the dramatic blue and yellow checkerboard-patterned tail and wings which evoke the art of Chris Foss. (If you’re unfamiliar with Foss’s work, check it out here for a some inspiration while you’re working on your own vic vipers this month.)

Viv Viper Space Racer

And if you, like myself, are new to Novvember be sure to read the late nnenn’s instructions on how to build the standard vic viper.

In space, no one can hear you freeze

Nexo Knights, in its theme-bending audacity, has got a lot of people thinking about one of the Classic Space subthemes, Ice Planet 2002. The 1994 subtheme, while not nearly as popular as stuff like Blacktron or Space Police, certainly had its charm with its striking colour scheme that it seems to share with Nexo Knights. Now Ilya T. brings back ice Planet with a model that would fit right into the bygone subtheme. Many, many extra points must be given to the background here, which could have easily been mistaken for actual boxart. We wonder if the piece count is accurate…
6973 Lego Ice Planet 2002 - Space Cargo Shuttle
6973 Lego Ice Planet 2002 - Space Cargo Shuttle
Speaking of Nexo Knights, I’m personally extremely excited for it. Knights? Elements of Classic Space? Mechs and robots? Effing floating robo-horses? Get outta here, LEGO, you can’t make a theme specifically for one person.

Don’t judge a spaceship by its greebling

Although SHIPtember is already over, some great creations are still reaching our planet. This time it’s a massive 127-studs-long battlecruiser by art_xxx13.

Earth Alliance Ship - Johnson

Simplicity (in the best sense of the word) is what I love about this ship. You won’t find much greebling or large solid panels here. Still the contour of cruiser looks diverse – thanks to regular slopes which, for instance, create the main command tower’s rather complex shape. Additionally, there are only three basic colors – light bluish grey, black and a couple of touches of dark red. And they are what make the battlecruiser realistic and credible; I do believe that this is what heavy ships in deep space look like.

Moreover, the spaceship has an impressive prototype. Take a minute to appreciate how accurate the brick-built model is to its concept.

Aliens: Colonial Marines - USS Sephora Redesign

Starship bridge shows all the right controls

Neo-Classic Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of a very nice-looking starship…

This control room scene is the latest creation from Pete Reid, one of my favourite builders. He’s famous for his Exo Suit, but for me, it’s his depictions of everyday life in space which define his style – it’s rarely blasters and aliens, usually just regular space folks at work.

NCS Bridge

The model has some lovely touches, such as the consoles, the ceiling details, and the use of ingots as chair cushions. But what I really like is the way the stripped-back use of a single color allows lighting to create the mood, and makes the bright shades of the crew uniforms pop against the backdrop. This is a great example of a nice model, elevated to another level through smart composition and a restrained use of color.

Now I want to see the rest of the ship…

Furrowing the space with style

The video game Destiny brought us quite a number of smooth and polished starfighters. Without copying any particular spaceship David Steeves did a great job of capturing all the main distinctive features of those fighters, complementing them with a couple of nice building techniques. I love how neat and solid his Disruptor XC2 looks, not to mention a not so ordinary choice of color for the cockpit windscreen.

Disruptor XC2

Today’s heresy, courtesy of the Tyranids

Flickr user Garry_rocks is one of the most consistent LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) model makers out there. Lately he’s been on a bit of a Warhammer 40K stint, pumping out everything from Terminators to Killa Kans. Now he’s back with the scourge of the Imperium in the form of Tyranids.

Tyranid Warrior
Tyranid Brood

As an extra treat, there are 360° rotation views of the filthy beasts:
Tyranid Warrior.

Man the Guns, Join the Fight

Wise part selection is the key to any successful Lego creation; and that’s one thing Brick Burger is clearly well aware of. Using a rather specific (and large!) minifigure headpiece from the Superheroes line, he built a giant, unique, and very-well scaled Space Marine—one with an even larger space gun to boot. Perhaps the only thing more amazing is how the print of the headpiece perfectly matches the personality of the extreme character he has created.

with his weapon