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From giant space carriers to starfighters, moon bases to moon buggies, whether you love LEGO models inspired by real-world space programs or science-fiction, you’re in the right place.

Cruising for a bruising

Stumbling across a pair of 48×48 baseplates in his collection, Joshua Brooks realized a bay for his Viceroy-class battlecruiser the IFS ILLIES (221) would look awesome. The ILLIES looks quite at home in this brilliantly detailed landing bay, getting re-armed by the loading crane. Under the watchful eye of the control tower, the ILLIES looms over the general hustle and bustle of the hanger floor. The multi-storeyed building, parked cars, small space-craft, and truck making a turn on the road give you a sense of the gigantic scale of the vessel.

Landing Bay D3, IFNB Discoera, Alphanta

Armed to the teeth with an assortment of cannons, lasers, and turrets, this ship looks like a sleek and precision-engineered instrument of brute force. And with its own mini docking bay and fleet of small fighters, it seems ready to take on any hostile targets.

IFS ILLIES hanger bay, SHIPtember 2016

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This spaceship catches some nice angles

This lovely LEGO spaceship by The Backward One is sure to grab attention as it cruises through the galaxy with enough stylish curves to make a space pirate blush — that is, before he flees in terror from its impressive firepower.

UNEN Serditsya

Simply put, this is one pretty ship. The sharp angles of the prow contrast nicely with the sleeker curves of the fuselage and missile compartments (the differing angle of the last missile pod is a particularly aesthetic touch). Together the varying styles and color choices result in a pleasingly unique design.

UNEN Serditsya

Intended to be a Russian vessel, it’s also apparent the builder pays homage to Soviet and Russian military/space designs. It’s an interesting choice and well-executed here. So, although they can’t hear you scream in space, the crew of this stylish ship might see you gaze in awe!

Grab your gun and bring in the cat with this enormous LEGO Viper

Chris Madison has put together a superb LEGO Viper — the classic Mark II from Battlestar Galactica. Don’t let initial appearances fool you — this model is enormous, over 100 studs long and weighing 10 kilos!

Viper Mark II

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GOES-16 is all science, no fiction

I love a flashy futuristic spaceship as much as the next guy, but there’s something special about Ryan Howerter‘s modern weather satellite. Ryan has done a ridiculously accurate job of recreating the NASA / NOAA research satellite in LEGO, down to the last maneuvering thruster. I love the idea that every little detail on this model is some real piece of equipment measuring or transmitting up in space right now, and I’m especially impressed with the lens cover held open with a link of track.

Need a strong spaceship? Try a triangle!

Don Wilson has brought us a spaceship with an unusual triangular configuration. The “Watchdog Fightercraft” started focused on a single piece – the larger yellow ones forming the “mandibles” – and the build evolved from there.

Watchdog Fightercraft

Two great aspects of the build which you can’t see from the angle above is the extremely detailed rear section. When the ship lands it does so with the cockpit pointed straight up, and the builder has accounted for this with a moving seat:

Watchdog Fightercraft

Classic Space Command Module Crawling Thingie

Bongobert has created a retro looking classic space styled crawling command module rover whatsit. It’s caterpillar treads look like they could tear up whatever planet, moon or asteroid it was stationed on. This creature-like rover sits high allowing the pilots better visibility and better reception for the TV News-van’s worth of antennas and dishes on the roof. The DenWad has a crane apparatus capable of removing the command module, presumably allowing the vehicle itself to trek out in search of space things while the command module commands. Packed with tools to enable the astronauts to repair their monster in the field, this whatchamacallit looks like it could handle anything space could throw at it.

Modern part usage, subtle greebling and other newer techniques give it a futuristic feel while the exposed studs give the classic space feel that makes me (us?) nostalgic for the early 80s.

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An artistic take on the classic space shuttle

Have you ever looked at a piece of art in a museum and initially thought, “that thing is downright ugly.” But then the longer you look at it, the more interesting it becomes? Well, I had that exact same experience when I first looked at F@bz‘s strange pizza slice-shaped space shuttle. At first, I couldn’t get over the bland palette and the fact that the rear end looks like two futuristic electric razors.

Space Shuttle Alpharabius (01)

But then I looked again and I couldn’t stop looking at it. This ship has some amazing details and somehow, the longer you look at it, the better it gets. I love how F@bz incorporated several of the new Nexo Knight pieces directly into his ship, and then mimicked their unique shapes throughout the entire build. Also, if you look closely, you can see the builder stealthily included his self-portrait in the final product (like many great artists have done before him).

Space Shuttle Alpharabius (03)

Bebop a lula this spaceship is in perfect harmony

You may not be familiar with the 1998 animated television series Cowboy Bebop but that will not stop you admiring this spaceship built by Haeum Daddy. Cowboy Bebop was set in the year 2071, and follows the lives of a crew of bounty hunting cowboys travelling on their spaceship Bebop. This LEGO version of protagonist Spike Spiegel’s racing craft the Swordfish II is like an Ultimate Collector Series edition with all the greebled details and a stand. The smooth aerodynamic lines of the wings and the front of the ship are maintained with the use of curved slops and wedges …this ship is fast and swooshable.


The power all comes from the incredibly detailed engine and exhaust portion of the ship; definitely worth a closer look. So many great dark grey LEGO parts have been packed into this area that the bulbous shape of the animated ship is emulated despite being formed from lots of smaller pieces.

R_016_00_DSC08096 copy

R_013_00_DSC08097 copy

You don’t need a lotta parts to create a good build

This “Tanker Rover” by Robert Heim is a great example of a few good pieces being enough to pull off a great build. Every piece here, from the large airplane piece forming part of the cockpit, to the rim pieces simulating the tank, fits just right. The result is a futuristic vehicle that doesn’t resort to hundreds of pieces or excessive greebling. Another great use of parts here is the silver trophy piece that, while not part of the actual build, goes a long way to suggesting the immense scale of the tanker.

Tanker Rover

Target acquired, awaiting instructions

Sci-fi master builder Tim Goddard‘s latest LEGO creation is a mean-looking mech with a cyclopean face. I can just imagine the noise that black iris makes — contracting into merciless focus when this bad boy spots his prey. The tan color scheme feels unusual for a mech — in my head this stuff is nearly always gray (apologies to colorful mech-builders out there). The black greebling is excellent, and the blue stripes and white highlights add a touch of glamour.


As well as the big four-legged critter, Tim has put together a range of mechanical drones in this livery. I’m a fan of this bipedal variant. Check out those toes! It took me a while to figure out the use of hot dog sausages to get the toe angles just right.


Is it a spaceship? Is it a mech?

An odd little build has been brought to us from SweStar: a spaceship that’s also a mech. This isn’t a transforming build like Macross or a Transformer, it’s both at the same time. A Classic Space style mech with a circular cockpit and a long protrusion at the end which is a weapons platform, but that also looks like a tail from a helicopter.


Banana-flavored fighter doesn’t slip up

Pico can Grootveld‘s latest LEGO starfighter combines a striking design with an eye-popping color scheme. The presentation is excellent, with the banana-bright yellow bursting off the black and white backdrop. But it’s the building details that catch the eye, inviting a zoomed-in view to see some of the lovely touches and techniques up close. Don’t miss the tapered cockpit, the pin-joints used as gun housings, and the judicious use of stickers for added depth and texture.

VV / EQUINOX - nnovvember 2016