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Just like many other artists, LEGO builders find inspiration in the music they listen to as they create the wonderful models you see here on The Brothers Brick. It’s no surprise, then, that music inspires many LEGO models more directly, from minifig musicians to album art recreated with bricks.

Rock on, dbol! Rock on.

I’ve always felt that LEGO vignettes are like haiku (though maybe Bruce might have made that comparison first). Dbol actually combines the two with this great vignette of a gamer playing Guitar Hero with an unimpressed female onlooker:

Rock stars preen and strut
While they shout at the devil
But he’s just a geek.

This isn’t just an amusing vig — it’s got some interesting techniques, like the curtains and the wonderful large-screen TV.

Historical Personages by Morgan19

I’ve admired Morgan19‘s minifigs ever since I noticed his great Firefly minifigs. The latest batch is a group of historical minifigs, entries for the Fine Clonier Historical Minifig Contest.

I might quibble with the “historical” nature of some of these, but it’s a great collection of minifigs, presented beautifully.