Build your own minifig-scale LEGO pool table [Instructions]

When it comes to essentials for any man-cave, bat-cave, den, rec-room, or game room, the pool table should be high on your list. Now you can build a LEGO one for your next scene using these instructions by Tiago Catarino.

LEGO Pool Table

Oh, and while you’re at it, why not build this comfy looking couch to lounge on between shots, following another instructions video from Tiago.

LEGO Couch

2 comments on “Build your own minifig-scale LEGO pool table [Instructions]

  1. RK

    Not to be rude here, but Lego already designed a pool table in the Assembly Square set that includes the suggestion of ball pockets (something that this one appears to be missing).

  2. CW

    Actually Assembly Square doesn’t have a Pool Table. However Detective’s Office and the Ghostbusters Firehouse both include them (different variations).

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