It’s a wild, wild life with these jaw-dropping LEGO jungle animals

Travel deep into the jungle and pay a visit to its denizens with City Son‘s stunning LEGO wildlife model. Tigers, parrots, a mandrill, and even a skunk inhabit this overgrown temple.

Animal Kingdom (2019)

Figural modeling has always fascinated me. I am always blown away by builders who can create organic models that really capture the essence of living creatures. This is a prime example of how to do it right. Each animal on its own would be a model worthy of notice. Combine them together with some beautiful scenery and you have something truly spectacular.

Animal Kingdom (2019)- Parrots

Not only are the animals well rendered, but the clever use of parts use gives them expression and personality. The tiger’s face with its frowning eyes utilizing claws for eyebrows and the wings that make up the cheeks, the blue grills under the eyes of the mandrill and the Wave Rounded Energy piece for the skunk’s head stripe are all excellent examples of creative parts use.

Animal Kingdom (2019)- Tiger

Like the individual animals, the set-piece could hold it’s own as a stand-alone model. The crumbling temple is a colorful display of twisting vines, flowers and jungle leaves. I really love the attention to the stonework beneath the plants. If you look closely you can see there is a repeated pattern created with curved tiles that leave us wondering what it looked like before nature reclaimed it.

Animal Kingdom (2019)- Mandrill