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DC Comics’ legendary Dark Knight has a solid place in the world of LEGO, with official LEGO Batman sets released in 2006-2008 and again starting in 2012 (As part of the LEGO Super Heroes DC Universe line). Along the way, there have also been two LEGO Batman video games. But all the official products pale in comparison to the wonderful fan-built Batmobiles, Batwings, and variations on the Batcave. See all of them right here on The Brothers Brick.

...and what about the Batman?

I was on the fence for a while about whether or not to blog the latest effort from Helsinki, Finland’s Cpt. Brick. When I first looked at the thumbnail in a group-pool, the giant spooky Scarecrow-face drew me in for a closer look. Upon closer inspection, the rest of the model didn’t seem complex enough and the fingers of the Scarecrow in particular (above the hypodermic needles) seemed a little rough for the lofty quality expectations here at TBB. Over the course of the weekend a funny thing happened, the model started to grow on me and I went back for a second and third look. The final thing that tipped me over was the sheer number of ‘favorites’ and the volume of enthusiastic comments.

I.. See.. You..!

I’m blathering on about myself here because our selection process must seem a mystery to many of our readers, and I don’t have anything particularly clever to say about this diorama. Its spooky.

10937 Arkham Asylum Breakout [Review]

Here is a review of 10197 Arkham Asylum Breakout where I talk about the parts and the model while highlighting some interesting building techniques. In summary, while there are only a few new pieces in this set, it is well-designed and features noteworthy techniques such as the stained glass window, sliding jail doors and more.

All Jan 2013 LEGO sets now available – Arkham, Chima, TMNT, Friends... [News]

Continuing our post-holiday LEGO news catchup, this is just a quick reminder that all the January 2013 LEGO sets are now available from the LEGO Shop online.

Highlights include the new LEGO Batman set 10937 Arkham Asylum Breakout.

10937 Arkham Asylum

The rest of the 2013 LEGO Super Heroes sets are also online now, including new Spider-Man and other Batman sets.

The new LEGO Train set 10233 Horizon Express is out.


The full range of LEGO Legends of Chima sets are also available, and you can get a free Ewar’s Acro-Fighter with any $75 purchase.


iconicon icon icon iconicon

The complete list of Legends of Chima sets:

(For behind-the-scenes technical reasons, that list took me forever, so we’ll just give you banner links from here on out.)

The LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sets were released a little early elsewhere, but they’re now on LEGO.com as well.

LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Finally (for today), LEGO Friends gets a complete refresh for 2013 with (count ‘em) eleven new sets.

LEGO Friends

The spirit of the season...

Not content with the barrage of carols, mistletoe and evergreens, Simon Liu presents a visual guide to an alternate version of Jingle Bells. Made possible by the dynamic duo themselves and a familiar cast of characters and bright colors.

You can see each of the lyrics on their own. And for those that would like to see it in person, it’s on display at the LEGO Store in Toronto for the month of December!

Epic LEGO Batcave brings Batman’s secret lair to life

First unveiled at Emerald City Comicon earlier this year, I’ve been itching to blog this gorgeous Batcave by Carlyle Livingston II and Wayne Hussey for nearly six months. Batman’s headquarters is built from over 20,000 parts, took more than 800 hours over twelve weeks to build, and weighs more than 100 pounds. The entire cave is beautifully lit up with lights.

01 Batcave1048

Carlyle & Wayne’s Batcave includes four motors to operate a variety of features — the turntable for the Batmobile, a rotating costume/weapons selection wall, and the Batplane’s lift.

These detail shots show off some of the wonderful lighting effects and underground landscaping integrated into the Batcave.

IMG_1138 IMG_1128
IMG_1147 IMG_1216

This photo of Carlyle & Wayne with their masterpiece gives you a good sense of the scale of this massive structure. Wayne looks justifiably pleased with himself.


Here’s what Wayne & Carlyle have to say about their build:

This project marks the first collaborative build between Carlyle and Wayne, with several more queued for future development. The features of this build include the Cave itself with what we think is the most “cave-ish” cave ever constructed. Added to that we have an operating turntable for the Batmobile, a moving costume/weapons selection wall and the BatPlane Lift. Surrounding all of this is the remarkable lighting effects that bring our BatCave to life.

Check out Carlyle’s photoset on Flickr for lots more pictures, including work-in-progress pics that show how the builders put the Batcave together.