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Build your own LEGO Mass Effect M-6 Carnifex in preparation for Andromeda [Instructions]

In the same format of the instructions for my Ronin Titan, I present the first life size weapon build in this tutorial style: the M-6 Carnifex hand cannon from the Mass Effect series. See the list of parts needed, then follow the step-by-step video below and be prepared for the challenges the Andromeda Galaxy sends your way. The video shows techniques I commonly use for working triggers and slides on weapon builds at this scale, as well as one technique I sometimes use for angled pistol grips.

Mass Effect 2 M-6 Carnifex

8-foot LEGO Normandy SR2 by ktorrek

A couple weeks ago, we featured a 4-foot-long Normandy SR2 by Ben Caukins, but if I’m doing my math correctly, this version of the same ship from Mass Effect by ktorrek is twice as long (96 inches, or more than 2.4 meters). He says that it took him 225 hours since February and uses about 15,000 parts.


ktorrek’s Normandy SR2 is to scale with the SR1 he posted a couple years ago — an impressive ship in its own right.

SR1 Starboard Quarter 04

Massive Lego model of the Normandy SR2 from Mass Effect

Ben Caukins spent the past 7 months constructing the Normandy SR2 from Mass Effect, proving yet again that he’s not afraid to build large curved ships. The ship measures almost 4 feet long with a wingspan of 19 inches. It will be displayed at Brickworld this weekend in Chicago. You can check out work-in-progress pictures on Flickr.

Normandy SR2

Normandy SR2

Mass Effect 3 Reaper

Imagine Rigney built a Reaper from Mass Effect 3 with full posability and movable faceplates that reveal a light-up laser eye. I really like this shot that shows the massive size of the Reaper towering over a microscale city. Check out MOCpages for more photos.

Reaper Closed Eye

Mass Effect’s UT-47 Kodiak Drop Shuttle

Any fan of Mass Effect will no doubt recognize N-11 Ordo‘s rendition of the UT-47 Kodiak Drop Shuttle from the games. By striving for a studless build and using custom stickers, the builder was able to create a high degree of accuracy, albeit at a sacrifice of the model’s sturdiness.

UT-47 Kodiak Drop Shuttle

Mass Effect Citadel in LEGO microscale

While we wait for Brandon Bannerman (Catsy) to finish his Halo ringworld, he fills our quotient of micro video game locales with the Citadel from Mass Effect.

LEGO microscale Mass Effect Citadel

Of the presentation, Brandon says, “Shot in low light with two blacklights to make the trans-neon-orange elements fluoresce.” Nice.

(And don’t miss Ben Fellowes’ SSV Normandy.)

LEGO SSV Normandy SR-2 from Mass Effect 2

Ben Fellowes has built a three-foot-long LEGO version of the SSV Normandy from the new Xbox 360 game Mass Effect 2.

LEGO SSV Normandy

I’m personally not sold on the Mass Effect series, after the first installment struck me as more than a little chatty, but I love this ship.

(Thanks to reader Michael for making sure we saw this.)