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Go swimming without getting a drop on you

Introducing the DSV Hardshell, the latest in undersea exploration by Slick_Brick. This amazing submersible glides silently through the ocean with flipper-style propulsion and steering, allowing you to roam the reefs without frightening away its aquatic inhabitants. The extra wide windscreen allows for unobstructed views in nearly all directions while keeping you safe from electric jellyfish and any sharks who might be lurking nearby.

The DSV Hardshell

We’ve fallen in love with this Tumbler variation.

In the movie Batman Begins, the Batmobile is a prototype military vehicle that never made it into full production. But, had the Tumbler been put into military use, there’d probably be all kinds of variations on it in pop culture, like this Mass Effect 2 inspired version by Slick_Brick. The Tumbler’s trademark wheels and back fins make the vehicle instantly recognizable. But the details like rooftop lights and four minifigure seating give it an identity all its own.

Commander Shepard and the N7 Tumbler

And as a nice bonus detail, the display base has a clever set of tire tracks built into it. And check out that jet booster.

The N7 Tumbler (Jet Booster)

Mail delivery flying with style

A lot of planes have pleasing lines for the eye, and this plane from Slick_Brick is no exception! In fact, it might even look better made of LEGO than IRL. The plane is based on the de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver aircraft, and succeeds in its homage. There’s not a single hiccup in the lines of the aircraft. The whole vehicle is built with great care and an eye for detail. Brick built mountains rise in the background, giving the scene its setting and scale. And the lakeside pier speaks to further stories. Maybe the bottles and fish hint at a living of trading fish and syrup. Of course, there might be a sci-fi story waiting with that eye the dog is watching…

Float Plane Delivery