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Storm spire rises to the heavens

BobDeQuatre says he doesn’t have the skills for castle building, but his recent entry in the Summer Joust 2017 build challenge’s 8×8 vignette category is one of the best entries I’ve seen yet. The story behind the build is that the castle was built by northern men, enslaved by the black queen. After the castle was completed she summoned a magical storm which lifted the castle up to make it impenetrable to her enemies. The builder has represented the storm perfectly by using a NEXO Knights whirlwind part, along with other dark purple bricks that bleed into the base of the castle.

Storm Spire

However, the lighting is what really sets this vignette apart from the crowd — it adds an epic effect to the storm by shining through the transparent portion of the NEXO Knights piece, adding a sinister red glow fitting of the castles backstory.

Why, oh why must earth’s sky be blue? Why can’t it be magenta too?

Rob Damiano has been building an epic series of LEGO scenes telling the story of the NOVA team and their expedition to investigate rare biometric readings on a distant planet. I love his recent builds depicting an alien oasis, with a magnificent magenta hue. The builder added in the effects using Photoshop, and these effects really make the scenes shine.

Oasis 14: Enter the Oasis

Here, the NOVA team exits the R-RAV to explore the oasis. The usage of red tree leaves and trans-purple parts on the ground are the perfect accent to the magenta haze. The fantastic minifigures were designed by the builder and custom printed in a very small quantity.

Oasis 15: Boots on the Ground

New items from Citizenbrick, Brickarms, and Eclipsegrafx [News]

Last week was a big week for fans of custom made LEGO figures and accessories, with three of the biggest 3rd party vendors releasing new products.

First up in the Citizenbrick corner we have “The Mayor of Flavortown”, genuine LEGO parts custom pad printed with a design that bears a striking resemblance to some Guy; can’t remember his name though…

Welcome to Flavortown – population: this guy.

Click here to see more epic new products!

A textbook example of medieval organic architecture

The Second Annual Summer Joust castle competition is well underway, and with just over two weeks left to enter, the contest has prompted some amazing entries. ReeseEH built a small diorama featuring a beautiful gatehouse and castle gate built into tree. The build is full of wonderful details like the textured castle wall, the string vines hanging from the tree, and the gatehouse roof made from various bars and droid arms, giving it a rough thatched look. Although, I do spy a strange-looking character on the banks of the pond—is that Bossk doing some fishing?

Summer Joust Castle Collab/LCBTC Round 3: Gatehouse (in a tree!)

This build was an entry for the castle collaboration category with Cab~, Micah Beideman , and Michael the juggler, be sure to keep a lookout for the other builders contributions!

Ravage your rivals in this red robotic raptor

I never mistake a build by Moko. His style is unique and colorful, similar to that of anime and Gundam concept art. In his most recent creation, the Raptor, Moko rocks a dark red and gray color scheme, a combination too rarely seen in mecha. I love the swiveling turret with mounted machine gun, and the use of tank treads as the ammo belt.


The Raptor can also collapse into a “parking mode”, making it easier for the drivers to dismount.


First rule of space exploration: Avoid the giant honeycomb structures

Mark Erickson is most well known for his castle scenes, but recently his builds in clearly superior sci-fi themes have been showing up some of the most experienced science fiction specialists. I love the facial expressions Mark has chosen for each of these intrepid explorers. The foremost astronaut — Captain Simon Lou — seems to be smiling nervously as he tries to persuade the Bug Beings that they mean them no harm, while the white astronaut seems to be yelling “I told you this wasn’t the right way!”.

Beware the Bug-Beings of Mirphak 2

The use of the red buckets in the honeycomb structures is perfect, and to top off this scene Mark has used a mist machine to create an eerie atmosphere. This build is another entry to the ABS Builder Challenge, so check out the Flickr group to see more builds using the red bucket seed part.

Stand by for... Gundamfall?

I love LEGO mecha, and this one by Caleb L does not disappoint. The Aardwolf III main combat system is inspired by the Gundam Model mecha, with its human-like proportions, long and straight legs, and simple color blocking. I like the use of custom stickers to add extra detail and realism.

MCS-022A "Aardwolf III" Main Combat System

Caleb has even managed to fit a minifgure inside the chest area. I love it when builders do this – it looks great while adding some functionality to the build.

MCS-022A "Aardwolf III" Main Combat System

Police mech is tooled up and ready for patrol

Check out this LEGO mech built by… me! I’m Peter — your newest contributor here at The Brothers Brick. I built this over the course of a few weeks, using some new parts I accumulated on various visits to my local flea market. These include a lipstick piece, a screwdriver, and a shiny octagonal sign. The mech’s overall shape is inspired by the concept art C12 Chassis by Aaron Beck, but I went my own direction on the detailing.

UD-ED Police Combat Asset

Click to read more about the building process and techniques used

Miss Muffet is in for another bad day

There’s only one spider in the world I’d actually want to have in my house: this giant LEGO spider by Grant Davis. Grant uses some great techniques in this build. For example, the cherry elements in between the hinges on the legs are used to achieve tiny bands of red, while minifig caps are used to capture the round articulating joints.

Pink Poison

However, the presentation is what really makes this build shine. The spider dangles in front of a green background, belying its large scale. Grant continues to put out killer builds for the Iron Builder competition, so be sure to check out the other three we’ve highlighted already: a fan, Whack-A-Mole machine, and lotus flower.

Some robots can be such head cases

Gamabomb has been on a red suitcase rampage lately, and I love it. His most recent build in the series is a police SWAT drone reminiscent of concept art designs by Theo Stylianides. The builder uses a combination of System and Bionicle parts to achieve some amazing shapes and mechanical detailing. Rather than using the Scala suitcase as he did with his two previous creations, the head of this drone is actually a Playmobil part. I have no beef with non-LEGO parts, and have used a couple myself, as long as it looks good — which is definitely the case here. And the custom stickers add an additional level of realism to an already great build.

SWAT Unit modell typ: Moeller

Be sure to check out his other suitcase-headed builds Botdog and Wanzer Sixfive.

The wheels of time turn beneath the Crystal of Harmony

It doesn’t take a hardcore Whovian to appreciate this awesome LEGO TARDIS interior by AdNorrel. The builder says he was inspired after watching the episode Journey to the Center of the TARDIS. This build isn’t based on any specific room inside the TARDIS — it’s the builder’s own design — and it captures the Doctor Who aesthetic perfectly.

The Crystal of Harmony

I love the use of the gold wings and crystal pieces on the detailing of the crystal holder, and the Hero Factory drums as crystals. However, the real star of the show is the floor. It seems simple at first glance, but close inspection reveals an intricate design of gears and Technic parts, giving the impression that the gears of time are turning beneath the mythical crystal.

The Crystal of Harmony – detail

The photography is wonderful as well, be sure to click through to the builder’s photostream to see more beautiful shots!