Build your own reversible LEGO Castle Byers model from Stranger Things [Instructions]

Does your copy of 75810 The Upside Down look a little lonely displayed all on its own? To help celebrate the TBB Upside Down building contest, we’ve got step-by-step instructions to build a minifigure scale Castle Byers to keep it company. Created by yours truly, the creation features both Will Byers’ pleasant-looking forest abode and an upside-down version in the same style as the official set.

LEGO did release a tiny version of Castle Byers which we reviewed recently, but we think this one fits the theme a bit better. The instructions PDF can be downloaded here, along with the Bricklink Studio digital file. And if you have an itch to build more Hawkins locations and their corresponding upside-down versions, don’t forget to enter our TBB Upside Down building contest! There’s only a week left to enter, with the deadline on August 15th. Now’s your chance to swoop in and win a copy of 75810 The Upside Down, along with the LEGO store exclusive Castle Byers build.

9 comments on “Build your own reversible LEGO Castle Byers model from Stranger Things [Instructions]

  1. John Whelan

    Anyone else getting an error uploading the the Studio IO file to bricklink?

    Great model BTW, can’t wait to build it if I can get the parts list sorted :)

  2. RmachadoRui

    Thanks For the file.
    @demontes, working on doing that. :)
    But ligth flesh parts? Can’t find any.. maybe anynone knows a replace part for those?

  3. Vasileios

    Guys I get the following error when trying to upload the part list file to Bricklink:

    “The following errors were found in the file:

    Part not found in catalog. item No:rename_98313”

    Any help?

  4. Peter Post author

    @RmachadoRui and @Vasileios Sorry about that guys, when I imported the LDD file into Studio I forgot to correct the differences in the way LDD and studio read the parts and colors. Those light flesh parts should have been tan, as they were in LDD, and with that particular part 98313 the robot arm, studio didn’t recognize the way LDD named it so it came up as an error along with a couple other parts. I have fixed all the errors and if you re-download it now it should work perfectly.

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