Build a darker Hawkins in TBB’s Upside Down building contest and win 75810 The Upside Down plus rare Castle Byers event set [News]

The third season of the Netflix series “Stranger Things” was released on July 4, and we have the perfect activity for you as you binge-watch the whole season. Build any location featured in any season of the show! But unlike some other contests inspired by the show recently, there’s a catch: You have to build both the real-world version of your favorite Hawkins locale and the Upside Down version, as seen in the official LEGO set LEGO Stranger Things 75810 The Upside Down — one of our favorite LEGO sets of the year so far. The top builder of our contest, judged by TBB staff, will win this fantastic set, plus the super-rare Castle Byers mini-build set released only to attendees of the LEGO Stranger Things launch events in London and New York.

To enter, add no more than two photos of your build to the contest photo group on Flickr. You can upload as many other photos to your own Flickr stream, but please add only two photos of your LEGO creation to the contest photo pool. The contest will run through August 15 at 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

The winner will receive one copy of 75810 The Upside Down along with the event build from London.

Detailed rules:

  • Anybody can enter, but because we’re asking for your physical address to ship you prizes, you must be 18 years old or older to win (an adult as defined in the United States).
  • Any build that matches the specific contest criteria (a Stranger Things location featuring both real-world and Upside Down together) will be considered, including builds built prior to the start of the contest and builds submitted to other contests. Builds that do not pair the Upside Down with the corresponding real-world location will be removed from the contest photo pool and will not be considered for prizes.
  • Builds can feature vehicles as well as locations (like Chief Hopper’s truck in the official set), but the focus should be on the pairing of the real world with the Upside Down.
  • Add only two photos to the contest photo pool on Flickr. Choose wisely!
  • We recognize that not everyone has enormous LEGO collections at their disposal. Digital builds will be considered, but must use bricks available in “real life” (including the color) and the render must be of high quality — default renders from LEGO Digital Designer and other legacy tools will be removed from the contest photo pool and will not be considered for prizes.
  • Custom elements from LEGO-compatible vendors such as Citizen Brick and BrickArms will be allowed. However, this is a LEGO building contest, so the focus should be on your LEGO creation, not the custom elements.
  • The contest is open globally, to all locations where it is legal to ship from the United States. However, if shipping 75810 The Upside Down proves to be cost-prohibitive to your location, TBB reservers the right to substitute a prize of equivalent value in your local currency. The event build from London will be shipped to you from TBB HQ regardless of your location (unless you are an astronaut or cosmonaut currently based on the International Space Station, in which case we will hold it for you here on the ground).

Happy building!

3 comments on “Build a darker Hawkins in TBB’s Upside Down building contest and win 75810 The Upside Down plus rare Castle Byers event set [News]

  1. JP Hansen

    Is the judging on that one single photograph? Going to be hard to show detail of both sides with only one image, or can we composite several photos together in a sort of montage?

  2. Andrew Post author

    @JP: That’s a great point, actually. Let’s bump the photo limit up to two photos. We’ll definitely be judging the LEGO creation based on the two photos (we need to keep the judging process reasonable for ourselves and not have the submissions flooded by 20 photos of the same thing), but feel free to create montages or whatever you’d like to share with other builders.

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