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Andrew Becraft is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Brothers Brick. He's been building with LEGO for nearly 40 years, and blogging about LEGO here on TBB since 2005. He's an active member of the online LEGO community, as well as his local LEGO users group, SEALUG. Andrew is also a regular attendee of BrickCon, where he organizes a collaborative display for readers of The Brothes Brick nearly every year. You can check out Andrew's own LEGO creations on Flickr. Read Andrew's non-LEGO writing on his personal blog, Andrew-Becraft.com. Andrew lives in Seattle with his wife and dogs, and by day leads software design and planning teams.

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Dale Horvath’s RV from The Walking Dead in LEGO [Instructions]

While Dale may not get to enjoy his retirement driving around the country with his wife in an RV, we can all enjoy this great LEGO rendition of his iconic vehicle from the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, built by hachiroku24. The builder has included numerous key details, including all the gear Dale needs on his roof to keep watch over the survivors’ camp. I particularly like the rolled up awning.

Dale's RV from The Walkind Dead (with instructions)

If you want to build your own LEGO version of Dale’s RV, the builder has provided step-by-step instructions in the following video.

That’s no moon! Win the LEGO Star Wars Death Star to celebrate TBB’s 100,000th follower & the release of Rogue One [Giveaway]

The Brothers Brick’s Facebook page recently passed 100,000 followers, making it the most popular LEGO fan page on Facebook. While our sympathies here at TBB lie with the Rebellion, we acknowledge that this milestone just might make us the Death Star of LEGO blogs. It’s all very confusing for us, so here’s a Death Star that’s also a BB-8 in TBB colors giving a thumbs up. If big numbers and deeply silly mashups don’t make you as giddy as they seem to make us, perhaps a chance at winning the new 75159 Death Star will instead! Enter to win by January 20th, 2017.

TBB Death Star + BB-8 cropped

You can enter to win from this link, or by clicking the Contests section on our Facebook page. The winner will also receive a snazzy green (of course) TBB logo T-shirt, stickers, and other swag.

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It’s the 10th anniversary of Brothers-Brick.com! [News]

In 2015 we marked the 10th birthday of The Brothers Brick, and today marks 10 years since we launched the Brothers-Brick.com domain. I promised we were making some changes here at TBB, and I highlighted a few of the changes in our 11th birthday post six months ago.


But rather than focusing on the improvements we’ve been making — not least of which are several new contributors who just joined yesterday and the server migration that will be complete by the end of the year — I wanted to go back to something I’d shared with our readers in years past.

Brace yourselves for website analytics! Oh wait, that’s not very interesting. Ahem. It’s all about you, our readers!

(There will still be charts and graphs. And numbers. Maybe just a little bit of metadata. Mmmm, metadata…)

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Himeji Castle, Lighthouse of Alexandria, and other Wonders in LEGO

LEGO Certified Professional Ryan McNaught and his team recently created several Wonders of the World in LEGO, ranging from Himeji Castle in Japan to the Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt.

Ryan and his team member Troy Walker built a huge minifig-scale Himeji Castle, one of the last remaining feudal fortresses in Japan. I lived in Himeji for three years growing up, and my family visited the “White Egret Castle” frequently, including the year it celebrated its 650th anniversary. Ryan and Troy’s Himeji Castle includes the distinctive curved stone slope at the base of the castle, built by pressing LEGO bricks in sideways. The whole castle is built from over 71,000 bricks.

LEGO Himeji Castle

Climbing the many flights of stairs to the top floor and looking over the modern city was always the highlight of each visit, unless a samurai movie was being filmed on the sprawling castle grounds. Not only is this LEGO castle impressive from the front, it also has a full interior — even a deep well that extends through the castle’s base.

Himeji Castle cutaway

See more of these LEGO Wonders of the World

Fossil Sahelanthropus tchadensis skull in LEGO

I’ve been blogging about archaeological LEGO for nearly 10 years here on The Brothers Brick, but I think this Sahelanthropus tchadensis skull might be the first fossil hominid we’ve featured here. Grant Masters has recreated the Toumaï skull discovered in Chad by French and Chadian paleontologists in 2001 and 2002. Grant has built the distinctive heavy brow ridge common to all but the gracile Homo sapiens, along with the angled face and tiny brain case — only about the same size as modern chimpanzees. I love that Grant even reproduced the fossil’s snaggletooth look with all its missing teeth.

It Began in Africa

Isotopic analysis revealed an age of about 7 million years for this remarkable fossil. While it’s not clear whether this is a distant ancestor or a distant cousin of humans, it was a remarkable find nevertheless.

(If you want to learn more about human origins and paleoanthropology, you might enjoy my Paleolithic reading lists on my non-LEGO blog.)

The Sorcerer’s Appendix

Sometimes, LEGO builds are less about amazing techniques or unusual parts selections than they are about a great little story, scene, or joke. Yes, there’s a great monochrome background behind the bright blue hues in the foreground in this vignette by Julius von Brunk, but it’s ultimately the very silly pun in the title that makes this LEGO creation wonderful.

The Sorcerer's Appendix

7-foot Venator Star Destroyer built by LEGO Star Wars fan over 7 years

The Old Republic’s Venator-class Star Destroyer is a surprisingly popular subject for LEGO Star Wars builders, given its huge dimensions — and the fact that it’s a Prequel Trilogy vehicle… Nevertheless, several brave builders have created this huge ship in LEGO, including a 6-foot LEGO Venator by Alec Doede and a recreation of Master Model Builder Erik Varszegi’s 8-foot Star Destroyer by iomedes. The latest LEGO Venator is brought to us by Philipp Neumann, who has spent the past 7 years designing, collecting over 45,000 parts, building, and rebuilding.

Venator class star destroyer by Philipp Neumann

Philipp’s Venator measures over 7 feet long, nearly 4 feet wide, and over 2 feet tall (that’s 220 cm x 117 cm x 68 cm) and weighs over 143 pounds (65 kg).

Click to see more of this enormous LEGO Star Wars ship

The Brutalist architecture of the surveillance state

The real world frequently inspires — or creeps into, imposes itself upon — the world of LEGO creations. The Brutalist architecture of many government buildings has inspired Swedish builder Magnus to create this Micropolis section. The building has narrow slit windows, concrete bollards, and an array of communication devices on the roof.

Government Building

Magnus has incorporated a particularly interesting building technique into his slanted facade, enabling a smooth slope built from 1×2 “cheese grater” pieces.

Government Building with explanations

LEGO Star Wars 75153 AT-ST Walker from Rogue One [Review]

Back in October, LEGO released its first batch of LEGO Star Wars sets from Rogue One without a whole lot of fanfare. We’ll be reviewing those sets around the movie’s release in just a couple of weeks, but one of the sets stands on its own without reference to its place in the forthcoming film — the new 75153 AT-ST Walker is the same vehicle seen throughout the Classic Trilogy, and it’s currently 20% off from Amazon (that’s $31.99).

75153 AT-ST Walker-1

75153 AT-ST Walker includes 449 pieces with 3 minifigs and retails for $40.

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Chugging through the starry skies

LEGO Vic Vipers tend toward the sharp and angular, with sleek lines and sharp corners. Each design must meet strict requirements epitomized by the late Nate “nnenn” Nielsen. Not so with this bulbous affair by Tyler Clites. Tyler’s Vic Viper has enormous, rounded engines — with frying pans as intake vanes, no less — and stubby little wings, with bright, childish colors. But it’s no less a legitimate Vic Viper than Nick Trotta’s Serrated Night.

Vic Viper: Arini

LEGO Technic Koenigsegg One:1

The Swedish car company Koenigsegg may have an unpronounceable name, but they’re world-renowned for their incredible supercars. The Koenigsegg One:1 takes its name from the one-to-one power to weight ratio, and only six vehicles were built. VKTechnic has created this amazing vehicle in Technic, complete with aggressive red and black racing stripes.

Koenigsegg One:1 Photoshoot

The Technic Koenigsegg One:1 has a number of working features, including opening doors and engine cover. I’d love to see this LEGO car powered by Power Functions, attempting to get from 0 to 100 kph in just 2.8 seconds…

Koenigsegg One:1 Photoshoot

Classic LEGO nutcracker brings holiday cheer

German builder Robert Heim has recreated the classic king nutcracker in LEGO, complete with gold crown, upturned mustache, and a mouth that opens with a lever on his back. But my favorite detail in Robert’s creation is the trio of pieces lying next to the tall nutcracker — perfect use of a LEGO globe and brown minifig head.