LEGO Star Wars 75319 The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge – Mando gets his signet [Review]

LEGO continues to expand its range of sets based on the Disney+ TV series The Mandalorian, with several LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian sets launching this summer. Joining the previously announced sets, 75319 The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge includes 258 pieces with three minifigures and will retail for US $29.99 | CAN $39.99 | UK £27.99 beginning September 1, with preorders available now.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

The packaging & sticker sheet

The small box features the Mandalorian in the top-right character spot, with play features and details highlighted on the back.

The sticker sheet has nine stickers, with designs for the forge, Kyr’bes clan symbol, and various control panels.

The build

Three numbered bags provide the parts for the set, despite the overall low part count. The sticker sheet is loose in the bag, along with a long plate.

Like the 75310 Duel on Mandalore set we reviewed last week, the fairly quick build comes together in sections. The forge itself is built on two 2×4 red bricks, which gives a flash of red color between the gaps. It’s also worth noting that this is a good number of blue flame pieces in such a small set.

The next section includes the entryway, storage, communications console (stickers on slopes), and press with an ingot of beskar. Interestingly, the Mandalorian helmet on the shelf in gun-metal (the same color as the beskar ingots) is unprinted.

The two sections come together with a simple clip connection.

The finished model & play features

The set depicts the scene in the Mandalorian covert in the sewers of Nevarro when the as-yet-unnamed and unseen Din Djarin receives his signet and beskar steel armor from the Armorer for defeating the mudhorn. Despite its small size, there are a ton of play features in both sections of the finished playset. While not a play feature as such, the Armorer’s casting ladle fits onto the forge between the flames.

The forge cover swings away on a Technic pin connection, enabling easier access to position the ladle. Clips around the forge let the Armorer store her hammer and tongs when she’s not using them.

The entryway in the outer wall section is surmounted by the iconic Mandalorian skull symbol, with more clips and shelves to store accessories. An inverted ice skate works well as a small anvil.

A cabinet stands on the left side of the wall section, with a 2×4 sticker inside depicting tools like a pair of tongs. It’s a little odd to have both a brick-built pair of tongs as an accessory for a minifig and a more “realistic” version printed onto a sticker.

The cabinet detaches on a single-stud connection, with a pair of compartments underneath that hide a blaster, thermal detonator, and beskar ingot.

The minifigures

Unlike the 75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack released in late 2019 during the first season of the Disney+ TV series, this set features distinct characters from the show, with the Mandalorian (Din Djarin) himself, the Armoror, and the heavily armored Paz Vizsla. All three minifigs feature highly detailed printing on both their torsos and legs, with unique helmet details.

From a plot progression standpoint, it might actually make sense for the Din Djarin minifig to be wearing his original brown armor rather than the new beskar armor, but it’s still great to get the version with printed arms (first released earlier this year in 75299 Trouble on Tatooine) in another lower-cost set. Paz Vizsla sports a large, brick-built jet pack that attaches to his shoulder armor, while Mando wears the standard Boba Fett-style jet pack. The Armorer’s fur cape design extends onto her back as well.

Paz Vizsla’s pauldron armor and jet pack partially cover printed armor details on the front and back of his torso. Next to Boba Fett, this is some of the most detailed Mandalorian armor printing LEGO has released recently, so it’s almost a shame that it’s covered by the pauldron. That said, the actual armor design on the torso simply mirrors the shape and printed details on the pauldron itself.

Following the approach for essentially every Mandalorian character depicted in LEGO, all three minifigs have blank black heads under their helmets. Although this makes sense for characters whose face has not yet been revealed, it continues to be disappointing that helmeted characters whose faces have been revealed still have blank heads.

The Armoer’s unique helmet features horns reminiscent of Zabraks like Darth Maul and his brother Savage Opress, along with printed designs on her face plate. Finally, let’s take a closer look at that new printed hologram brick. LEGO has created hologram microfigs for both Emperor Palpatine and Princess Leia in the past few years, but the printed Mandalorian image on a trans-blue brick is frankly more “LEGO-like” and works very nicely.

Conclusions & recommendation

The Mandalorian remains an incredibly popular TV series, spawning at least two future spin-offs of beloved Star Wars characters in the form of The Book of Boba Fett and Ahsoka (likely to feature the first live-action version of Grand Admiral Thrawn). In contrast to the very limited waves of LEGO Star Wars sets released to support animated series like Rebels and Resistance, we’ve thus far had multiple waves of sets based on both “The Baby Yoda Show” and the final season of The Clone Wars. As a result, there’s a bit less fear that you’ll miss out on key minifigs as the characters recur throughout the series. Nevertheless, truly unique characters with limited screen time like the Armorer and Paz Vizsla may not be repeated for years to come.

Although a part count of about 250 parts at a $30 price point does feel high, we know that a significant proportion of LEGO’s cost comes from limited-use molds like the Armorer’s helmet and from minifig printing (including rather rare arm printing). With three minifigs in the overall part count, the overall price feels fair.

So, with three excellent minifigs, a bunch of fun play features, and some unusual parts at a moderate price point, we can heartily recommend 75319 The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge.

75319 The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge includes 258 pieces with 3 minifigures, and will retail beginning September 1 for US $29.99 | CAN $39.99 | UK £27.99.

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