Summer 2021 LEGO Star Wars sets feature scenes & characters from The Clone Wars [News]

LEGO just revealed two Star Wars sets featuring scenes from The Clone Wars animated series. The sets will be available on August 1st 2021. The larger set features a Mandalorian Starfighter while the smaller scene features a throne room duel between Ahsoka and Darth Maul.

Duel on Mandalore | 147 Pieces | US $19.99 | CAN $24.99 | UK £17.99

Featuring a throne and a Mandalorian steel chamber with 2 Minifigures featuring Ahsoka Tano  and Darth Maul

Mandalorian Starfighter | 544 Pieces | US $59.99 | CAN $79.99 | UK £49.99

The Mandalorian Starfighter from Star Wars : The Clone Wars with 3 new minifigures featuring Bo-Katan Kryz and Gar Saxon and a Mandalorian loyalist.