Sailing the open “C”

Ralf Langer is on a roll. Using a technique he’s employed previously in some sci-fi builds, Ralf has created a gorgeous display piece worthy of a shelf in any captain’s quarters. And, while the shape of the build is bound to monopolize your attention, there are some smaller details here that are worthy of a second look. I particularly like the way he’s used color beneath the transparent light blue tiles. The ocean gets darker the further out from the land masses you go, creating a sense of ever deepening water. If you’d like a chance to build this yourself, you can sail over to the LEGO Ideas site to lend your support.

Land Ahoy!

1 comment on “Sailing the open “C”

  1. Ed

    I think this is a lesson LEGO’s designers still need to learn. I’ve put together a number of vehicle sets that use transparent parts to represent light lenses which commonly end up looking quite wrong due to the base pieces behind the lenses being too dark or the wrong color.

    This designer did well!

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