LEGO interviews employees and fans about inclusion and diversity [News]

With the release of the Everyone is Awesome set just in time for Pride Month, inclusion and diversity has become the spotlight everywhere, including at The LEGO Group. The company today has published a series of interviews with employees and fans, talking about how LEGO brings people together as well as inspiring creativity. The interviews are with the members of LGBTQIA+ community, including one of TBB’s own writers, Bre. The interviews focus on what being in an AFOL LGBTQIA+ community means to them, what companies can do to support the community, how they use creativity to express themselves, and what Pride Month means to them.

In the commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workplace, The LEGO Group is taking steps to foster that culture within the organisation. This includes creating both Local and Global Employee Advocacy groups, who will work together with volunteers who are passionate about diversity and inclusion to implement internal initiatives and local events. The workplace partnerships extend to Workplace Pride, Stonewall and Open for Business ā€” helping to shape programs and support employee initiatives.

The team has also created several wallpaper backgrounds that can be used for virtual meeting to embrace the celebration of Pride Month, and they’ve made them available to download if you want to try them out yourself.