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PLUG hosts BRInCKa in Lourinhã, Portugal, May 3 – May 9 [News]

The Portuguese LEGO Users Group (PLUG) is once again hosting its annual LEGO fan event, BRInCKa 2010 (An Adventure in the World of LEGO), in Lourinhã, Portugal from May 3 – May 9.

The event will take place at Lourinhã (63km northwest of Lisbon), a region characterized by its Jurassic findings and great Atlantic beaches.\
It will happen again at the local Hockey Club Pavilion, but this time occupying extended facilities over a total of 1.000sqm (nearly 11.000sqf). A decision to cope with the huge success and public adherence in 2009, where 25.000 came to visit the exhibition.

Dates and opening hours:
3 – 6.May (Mon – Thu) > 10:00 – 18:00 (school visitors) / 20:00 – 22:00
7.May (Fri) > 10:00 – 18:00 (school visitors) / 20:00 – 22:00
8.May (Sat) > 10:00 – 23:00
9.May (Sun) > 10:00 – 18:00

This year the event will feature LEGO creations such as dioramas, models, one large GBC setup and demonstrations with LEGO Technic and MINDSTORMS models.
Besides the exhibition there will be also a several activities for the kids visiting us and for the LUG members as well. It includes contests, build demonstrations and a special large mosaic with 24sqm (260sqf).

Don’t miss, if you’re nearby!

Predator or prey?

Ryan Rubino continues his predator vs. prey series and turns the lens to focus on macro wildlife. The depictions of the Yellow Jacket and Black Widow are convincingly realistic, but I think the most innovative feat of the creation lies in the staging of the encounter. It must have been a true act to skill and patience to balance the creatures on the intricate web and plant stalks.

Prince of Persia trailer recreated from LEGO

The Prince of Persia movie promises to have just about as much cheese as sand. For a certain segment of our readership, it also promises a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal saying his lines with a British accent. In the meantime, LEGO gives us this version of the trailer using only the new sets — and some sand.

The LEGO trailer does give us a glimpse of a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal minifig, so that’s something…

Fedde: You got to love your monkey – Boilerplate & Beyond Vol. 8 [Interview]

For our 8th installment of interviews with LEGO fans from around the world, Keith Goldman journeys to the land Down Under. Take it away, Keith!

H.P. Lovecraft once wrote “Men of broader intellect know that there is no sharp distinction betwixt the real and the unreal…”

LEGO CthulhuIf that is true, then our man Fedde (Karf Oolhu) must be one broad-minded Aussie. Fedde has a wide open, often comedic style and a large following of fans who look forward to his almost daily offerings on Flickr.

I sat down with Fedde in the 2nd floor cafeteria at Miskatonic University where he is currently employed as an adjunct professor of Astronomy specializing in the search for the ancients. We drank absinthe and talked about X-ray art, Sir John Eccles, and whether or not a new horror can be more terrible than the daily torture of the commonplace.

The Build

Keith Goldman: Your builds are known for the wide variety of elements you employ. Have you ever met a part you didn’t like? Has there ever been an element you wanted to use, but just couldn’t find the right way to use it?

Fedde: No, never met a part I didn’t like, but then, I haven’t met them all yet… Oh, some of those large castle pieces (especially the printed ones) are a bit on the rude side, but I’m sure there’d be a good home for them, somewhere.

LEGO spaceman with aliensPieces I want to, but can’t find a use for as yet? Hard to say.

I do have quite a few packets of pieces I’ve bought on Bricklink, usually as order fillers, things that look cool or different. Most are still in the original packets — I want to use them, but so much other stuff keeps overshadowing them. And quite a few part combos that aren’t able to finds homes yet either.

But to be honest, any part just needs time. An interesting use will appear.

KG: You crank out models at a clip few can match. Is there a reason you favor quick builds to longer, more involved projects? Have you ever hit a creative wall? Do you have a long list of models to call on, or are you more spontaneous?

F: Limited space is a big issue; my smallish bedroom holds basically everything. I do the bulk of my photo shoots on the bed. I’m surrounded by my LEGO, TV, computer, music, my photography equipment; it’s too easy to build, photo and upload within an hour without having to do or move much. I can only really have one decent MOC in progress. Most of my shelves are covered in tablescraps of various types — clear four away, and six try and crowd back in. And spontaneity is a big driver; I’m a very lateral thinking guy. Even when I’ve bought a set because of elements it has for a dio in progress, discovering a new piece will easily create a new build. I have at least a dozen projects all being worked on, in cycle — some will die, some get pushed back by newer growths, some even get photoed and posted. : )

KG: Your models are appreciated in part because they typically have a comedic element. Is there a specific comedian or style of comedy that influences your build?

F: I’ve always been able to see multiple meaning in things, seen the words that are open to misinterpretation, or contain words within words. I love deliberately misinterpreting a MOC’s name or comment; word mis-use is a fun tool.

LEGO Troll Bridge

But I must admit, I’m very fond of the crew of Monty Pythons Flying Circus… And now for something completely different…

More of Keith’s interview with Fedde after the jump: Continue reading

Wojciech Scrat’s shark attack vignette illustrates DUPLO+SYSTEM compatibility

Wojciech Scrat demonstrates that LEGO sharks seem to be evolving in size — starting with the old-style sharks, continuing with the more recent LEGO Pirates shark, culminating in the LEGO DUPLO shark that rivals megalodon in scale.

LEGO DUPLO shark attack

The compatibility between DUPLO and SYSTEM is a bit of a moot point here, given the dynamic way that Wojciech has arranged the shark, but two 2×4 SYSTEM bricks would fit on the four DUPLO studs on the shark’s back. Why has nobody built the largest LEGO shark with a frikkin’ laser beam attached to its back? Or an Atlantean king on a howdah aboard his favorite war shark?

(Okay, so my timeline of LEGO sharks is off: The DUPLO shark should be in the middle. LEGO evolution is still an emerging science…)

LEGO Star Wars BOGO 50% off at Toys R Us [News]

Toys R Us is having a buy-one-get-one 50% off sale on all Star Wars items, including LEGO Star Wars sets. Shipping is also free on all orders over $100.

Given that Star Wars sets are often excluded from these types of sales (and are arguably on the pricier side to begin with), this is actually a pretty good deal. The sale ends May 1st and likely applies only to US and/or North American stores.