5 comments on “A Castle on the Cliff

  1. Marc Nelson Jr.

    Wow, a real-life Helm’s Deep!

    Very nice work, but the overhang on the top level of the rightmost tower seems a little oversized for microscale. A 1/2 stud overhang would probably look better.

  2. Kaitimar (Gorazd Vahen)

    Nice vig! It shows the Renaissance castle, but the original medieval castle is even cooler, built deep inside the cave and almost invisible from outside. There’s a tournament at the castle every summer, with knights and horses and everything.


  3. Rzah

    I recognised Predjama from the bricks, very cool castle in a very cool country, well worth a visit.

  4. shadow

    Best of the best i’d say, it sure does represent real one almost entirely.
    Beside this one, there is one in progress(not from neven), which will be in minifig scale. I know Neven, and as far as i know, his castle MOCs are one of the best out there (in slovenia, rivaled only by one or two others).
    If link doesnt work, try to use his name on MOC pages or brickshelf,it should work that way.

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