Wojciech Scrat’s shark attack vignette illustrates DUPLO+SYSTEM compatibility

Wojciech Scrat demonstrates that LEGO sharks seem to be evolving in size — starting with the old-style sharks, continuing with the more recent LEGO Pirates shark, culminating in the LEGO DUPLO shark that rivals megalodon in scale.

LEGO DUPLO shark attack

The compatibility between DUPLO and SYSTEM is a bit of a moot point here, given the dynamic way that Wojciech has arranged the shark, but two 2×4 SYSTEM bricks would fit on the four DUPLO studs on the shark’s back. Why has nobody built the largest LEGO shark with a frikkin’ laser beam attached to its back? Or an Atlantean king on a howdah aboard his favorite war shark?

(Okay, so my timeline of LEGO sharks is off: The DUPLO shark should be in the middle. LEGO evolution is still an emerging science…)

5 comments on “Wojciech Scrat’s shark attack vignette illustrates DUPLO+SYSTEM compatibility

  1. Sarah

    “We’re going to need a bigger boat!”

    I love seeing combined Duplo and System mocs. Duplo has some great pieces!

  2. legomaniacman

    I love their expressions :P Like how the fiberoptic cables hold parts that would be flying into the water.

  3. scott

    This is so cool. I love jaws and my son and I both love sharks.

    He wants to try to make something like this now. Very inspiring.

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