LEGO Star Wars BOGO 50% off at Toys R Us [News]

Toys R Us is having a buy-one-get-one 50% off sale on all Star Wars items, including LEGO Star Wars sets. Shipping is also free on all orders over $100.

Given that Star Wars sets are often excluded from these types of sales (and are arguably on the pricier side to begin with), this is actually a pretty good deal. The sale ends May 1st and likely applies only to US and/or North American stores.

1 comment on “LEGO Star Wars BOGO 50% off at Toys R Us [News]

  1. Jai

    Just popping by to note that there is a limit of ONE discount per order. Still a fun deal, but not too nice if you wanted to get a bunch of smaller-ticket items (You can get only one of them 50% off and save on shipping, or do a lot of separate orders to get 50% off of every other item but have to pay a bunch of shipping costs. Neither option is “good”). So, best for getting a couple of Home Ones, as I’m doing (Thanks for posting the sale!).

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