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LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope chess set by Brandon Griffith

I strongly suspect most of you have already seen this, but this LEGO Star Wars chess set by Brandon Griffith (icgetaway) is well worth another look.

LEGO Star Wars Chess Set

In addition to a great board and the minifig stands one might expect from a LEGO chess set, Brandon built a bunch of microscale Star Wars vehicles and even a couple of cute little vignettes as chess pieces.

LEGO Star Wars chess set - Greedo LEGO Star Wars chess set - TIE fighter

Via the LEGO CUUSOO blog.

The Adventures of Clutch Powers [News]

Gerard Joosten just posted a picture of a flyer he found packaged with the latest Bionicle movie. The flyer claims that “The Adventures of Clutch Powers” is coming to DVD in the spring of 2010. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the movie with which Warner is involved. There are Universal and Tinseltown Toons logos on there. What are your thoughts and feelings about this?

LEGO Movie Clutch Powers

(Edit: Its looks like this is the first of several straight-to-DVD releases.)

James May’s LEGO house destined for ruins

The life-sized LEGO house built by the British TV presenter James May faces imminent destruction after LEGOLAND Windsor withdrew their plans to purchase the massive structure due to expensive transportation costs. The house was built with about 3 million LEGO bricks supplied by the LEGO Group and took about 1000 volunteers who worked tirelessly for about a month to complete. It features a furnished bedroom, living room, kitchen, and a bathroom with a functional toilet – all made from LEGO bricks. Unfortunately, this architectual feat will not be enduring the times. According to the Daily Mail, “if no one collects it by 8am on Tuesday, it will be hacked to bits with chainsaws.”

Read more on BBC News or the Daily Mail.

UPDATE: There’s even a Save James May’s Lego House group on Facebook.

Get chrome parts and accessories from

While browsing Bricklink today, I came across a store that specializes in custom chrome LEGO elements. Here, you can get a diverse array of industrially chromed parts from minifig helmets and accessories to car parts for pimping your ride. You can even ask the store to chrome your own LEGO element. Visit and browse their offerings in the chrome gold and chrome silver color categories. You can also find out more by reading their FAQ page.

The following video showcases their products with some rather dramatic and suspenseful background music. After all, chrome is serious business.

If you’re making an order, feel free to drop a mention that you’re a reader of our blog. If many people show interest, we will be featuring a review of these products in the coming weeks.

Pictures of 2010 LEGO sets – Atlantis, Toy Story, & more – at Festival RFFL [News]

UPDATE: High-res photos of LEGO Atlantis sets are now out.


Alexander (Shurik) posted pictures of some of the 2010 sets that LEGO has displayed at a sponsored event in Russia called Festival Rossiyskogo Fan Forum Lego. The featured sets include samples from the following themes: Atlantis, Toy Story, Prince of Persia, Star Wars, Power Miners, City, Bionicle and more.

EDIT (TG): These pictures were uploaded due to a miscommunication and have been removed from Flickr at the request of TLG. The local Ambassador, Igor Makarov, asked me to remove the deeplink which I have done.

UPDATE: also has box art for one of the 2010 LEGO Power Miners sets, 8188 Fire Blaster:

LEGO Power Miners 2010