The Adventures of Clutch Powers [News]

Gerard Joosten just posted a picture of a flyer he found packaged with the latest Bionicle movie. The flyer claims that “The Adventures of Clutch Powers” is coming to DVD in the spring of 2010. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the movie with which Warner is involved. There are Universal and Tinseltown Toons logos on there. What are your thoughts and feelings about this?

LEGO Movie Clutch Powers

(Edit: Its looks like this is the first of several straight-to-DVD releases.)

15 comments on “The Adventures of Clutch Powers [News]

  1. Nolnet

    It’s mentioned in the same article together with Direct-to-DVD Barnicle movies and Barbie movies. Also the term “family oriented” drops. Something tells me I’m not going to rent them.

  2. dover

    with all the disney/warner/DC/CN partnerships lego’s had, I had noticed that the bionicle movie was distributed by universal. struck me as odd.

    Clutch power, HA, I just got it.

  3. Paganomation

    I’m torn. On the one hand, this flyer really doesn’t tell us anything about the plot, quality, or content of this film.

    On the other hand, my first reaction upon seeing the image was, “Oh great, minifig Jack Stone.”

  4. tedward

    What, you mean you haven’t watched the preview on the Bionicle 4 DVD a dozen times already? Oh wait, I wouldn’t have either except I have kids 3.5, 7 and 11 years old.

    It looks like silly fun with lots of humour.

  5. CatJuggling

    I an only imagine an angry police chief character yelling “POWERRRRRRRRRS!” while shaking his fist.

  6. Fred

    “I’m pretty sure this isn’t the movie with which Warner is involved.”

    Since there’s a Universal Pictures logo at the bottom, I’m thinking that’s a good guess.

  7. Athos

    Max Power, that’s the man who’s name you’d love to touch;
    But you musn’t touch!
    That name sounds good in your ear, but when you say it;
    You musn’t fear;
    ‘Cause that name could be said by anyone!

  8. Brian.Schlosser

    second on the great name. Only real LEGO fans would get the reference…

    Maybe if we are very lucky we will get some of Clutch’s Indiana Jones torso w/yellow neck… that would be nice.

  9. Creative Anarchy

    Not many of us get much out of stuff like this. It seems unlikely that the writing for this thing will be anything that would entertain us even if there are a few tongue-in-cheek jokes. Still if the DVD set takes off I wouldn’t mind a few action-oriented city sets for the hypothetical Clutch Powers line.

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