BrickForge releases “UN” helmets, mushrooms, lots of new colors [News]

BrickForge military helmetOne of the themes we’ll be incorporating into the final Zombie Apocafest is “Victory!” If last year’s display represented the outbreak and chaos that would follow a zombie pandemic, we’ll arrange this year’s display to include the human counterattack, victory, and even reconstruction.

To that end, we’ve worked with BrickForge on a way to unify the organized human resistance. And what’s more iconic of multi-national military forces than the blue headgear of the United Nations?

BrickForge beretBrickForge’s Military Helmet and Beret are now available in Medium Blue. The Brothers Brick will be handing out a bunch to those of you who bring military minifigs, but you can of course order more from

Through Tuesday, September 22 at 11 PM Eastern, if your order includes any medium blue headgear, BrickForge will automatically upgrade your shipping to USPS Priority (applies to domestic US orders only). This ensures that you get your helmets and berets in time for BrickCon 2009.

While you’re at it, you might want to include some of the great new colors and items BrickForge has just released. I’m particularly pleased to see that the mushrooms BrickForge teased us with at BrickFair are now available.

BrickForge mushroom BrickForge mushroom BrickForge mushroom BrickForge mushroom

Shrooms are available in six colors, and don’t miss all the other items BrickForge has released in new colors.

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  1. Tristan Amaya

    YES, YES, YES, These helmets will do perfectly they have em in black….
    I will have to get these since I cant get the M1 Helmets for Brickarms

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