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BrickFair 2009 Wrapped Up [News]

I returned home from BrickFair last night at about midnight. It was a crazy fun blast. Photos from the event are starting to pop up on BrickShelf and Flickr.

BrickFair 2009 Public Day Crowd

As you can see above, there was a pretty huge turnout from the public as well. I gather that the total number between the two days was between eight and nine thousand people. That’s a lot to be crammed into a hotel ballroom. Fortunately, next year, BrickFair is moving to a real expo center. I’m psyched about all of the space (Space!).

I tried to take photos of the “impaired” speed build competition, but the lights were turned down in order to make things more difficult. If you ever have the opportunity to watch a bunch of drunk LEGO fans (all of legal drinking age, of course) trying to assemble a gear train in the dark, on a multi-colored tablecloth, I highly recommend it.

There were also some pretty epic creations on display at the show. I’m pretty sure that some may have even debuted there. There were definitely a few that I hadn’t seen on the internet. I enjoyed Chris Edward’s “ArchipeLEGO“, which he has posted as separate islands here. Another highlight was Brickistan, a middle-eastern castle diorama that was chock full of detail, and hard to find photos of. A friend and I also had a pretty big creation up our sleeves for the convention, but we haven’t gotten the photos ready to post yet.

Martin Latta builds a bunker to survive our bleak future

I’m not entirely sure why there’s so much advanced technology in evidence throughout ApocaLEGO creations. After all, haven’t we learned that even apostrophes are susceptible to nuclear attack? Maybe it’s because advanced technology places the apocalypse somewhere in the distant future, safely beyond our lifetimes.

Or it could be that it’s just cool, like this neat little dio by Martin Latta.

LEGO post-apoc desert base

The scene includes a heavily armed VTOL scout fighter, gun emplacement, cyborg, door to an underground bunker, and what appears to be a warning siren — a logical addition to any such scene, though the first I’ve noticed.

Via the ever-vigilant Young Spacers.

4 hardsuits to protect your skin in times of crisis

Tim Zarki (Spook) gets things going with our mini-roundup today. His most recent pair of hardsuits are certainly excellent, but I particularly love the presentation on the “GOLEM Strikesuit” on the right.

LEGO hardsuit LEGO hardsuit

Kevin Blocksidge (Kevoh) suspects that the shine may be wearing off District 9, but nevertheless built an accurate minifig-scale Praun biosuit, with Wikus Van De Merwe for scale.

LEGO Praun biosuit with Wikus

Finally, Monkfish44 created “a spindly tin-can that swims.”

LEGO underwater hardsuit

BrickArms cries “FREEDOM!” [News]

Brickarms LEGO weapons guns swords

BrickArms, makers of custom minifigure accessories, announced several new products at BrickFair today. Check out our exclusive pictures and give your feedback in the comments!

Just a note, these are pre-production prototypes and are not available at this time. They will change slightly and there is no guarantee that each of these items will make the cut. Also, some of these have been announced before, so fans of BrickArms will recognize a few of the items in these pictures.

Brickarms LEGO weapons guns swords

Brickarms LEGO weapons guns swords

Brickarms LEGO weapons guns swords Brickarms LEGO weapons guns swords

Brickarms LEGO weapons guns swords

Ben Ellermann launches “Ask a Lego Fan” [News]

Lego Fan Blog Ben Ellermann

Ben Ellermann has recently announced the launch of his new blog, Ask a LEGO Fan. His purpose behind this new site is to field questions from adult fans, young fans, parents of fans, and anyone interested in anything to do with Lego. Ben is one of the most knowledgable fans I’ve had the privilege of knowing. He has also been selected as a Lego Ambassador in the current cycle. This puts him in a unique position to get answers to your questions. Check it out and drop him a line with any questions you might have. I think his site will be an asset to the community and to all of those connected to it.