BrickArms cries “FREEDOM!” [News]

Brickarms LEGO weapons guns swords

BrickArms, makers of custom minifigure accessories, announced several new products at BrickFair today. Check out our exclusive pictures and give your feedback in the comments!

Just a note, these are pre-production prototypes and are not available at this time. They will change slightly and there is no guarantee that each of these items will make the cut. Also, some of these have been announced before, so fans of BrickArms will recognize a few of the items in these pictures.

Brickarms LEGO weapons guns swords

Brickarms LEGO weapons guns swords

Brickarms LEGO weapons guns swords Brickarms LEGO weapons guns swords

Brickarms LEGO weapons guns swords

4 comments on “BrickArms cries “FREEDOM!” [News]

  1. Sarah

    I was at BrickFair today and stopped by the BrickArms table. I asked for the swords weapons pack because the was first on my list of what I wanted. The guy behind the table said they were sold out but since I had asked about it and was interested in swords he’d give me these and hands me two of those Braveheart type swords! I was so shocked! I didn’t know what to say as he showed me his mini figs posed with the swords and all I remember blurting out was, “I saw these on Brothers Brick!” the guy smiled and nodded yes. I’m still in a bit of a daze about it and I really hope I remembered to say thank you. I just stared at those swords in my hand for awhile before I remember I had other BrickArms to buy and so I did.

    My review of the swords so far(Hadn’t had much play time) is that they are really good looking, detailed, sturdy, and fit perfectly in my mini figs hands!

    I’d also like to say that this was the first time I bought BrickArms, it was because of the good reviews that I read here that really sold me on them.

  2. ineti

    These are really nice weapons. I was totally bummed that I couldn’t take any home with me, though. My wife and I had about $60 worth of weapons in hand to buy and only then found out that BA wouldn’t accept debit cards or personal checks. We had to take our business elsewhere.

    We’ll probably hop online sometime and check out the website, but it was a bummer all the same. I hope BA can get a card reader for next year.

  3. the enigma that is badger

    Glad you liked everything, Josh!

    @Sarah As soon as you said you were interested in BrickArms bladed items, I thought you’d like the Claymore. It’s always a blast to surprise folks at cons with something new I know they’ll enjoy!

    @ineti Sorry to hear about the trouble! Will and co. like to keep things simple and quick at cons (have to with all the folks that come up to the booth!), so a card reader probably isn’t likely, just for the amount of time it’d take to process the transactions. The site should be back up in a bit after the Chapman clan arrives back home and rests up for a few days after what was a very, very busy con.

    Feel free to get in touch with me privately if there’s any of the prototypes you see above that you might like. Least I can do to make up for the inconvenience!

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