Ben Ellermann launches “Ask a Lego Fan” [News]

Lego Fan Blog Ben Ellermann

Ben Ellermann has recently announced the launch of his new blog, Ask a LEGO Fan. His purpose behind this new site is to field questions from adult fans, young fans, parents of fans, and anyone interested in anything to do with Lego. Ben is one of the most knowledgable fans I’ve had the privilege of knowing. He has also been selected as a Lego Ambassador in the current cycle. This puts him in a unique position to get answers to your questions. Check it out and drop him a line with any questions you might have. I think his site will be an asset to the community and to all of those connected to it.

4 comments on “Ben Ellermann launches “Ask a Lego Fan” [News]

  1. Josh Post author

    @Grand Admiral – Sweet! I didn’t know that. Its a rather famous picture of Ben so I thought it was a good choice for this.

  2. Ben

    Yes you did ;-) Mark and I had a great time browsing through the Billund Vault.

    Please keep the questions coming to “Ask a LEGO Fan” by posting on the blog or emailing me at lfanquestions AT gmail DOT com Thanks!


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