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If something doesn’t fit, just flip it over

Artisan Bricks brings back fond memories of happy times when nobody cared about graphic cards in their game consoles and the joy of wining was so sweet and simple. This very neat copy of a pocket Tetris game is a very simple built, but I really love the colourful shapes built with 1×1 plates, which look exactly like those back in 90’s.

Happy #childrensday from #Singapore! Here's a childhood toy that I built with a medium that also happens to be a childhood toy. Hands up if you know what this is! :) #tetris #brickgame #retro #eighties #artisanbricks #lego

LEGO Tetris

Jameson Gagnepain clearly has a surplus of those ever-so-useful LEGO game dice. He’s put them to good use for his entry into the Like a Boss contest, resulting in this fabulous display of impossible Tetris:

For an added touch, he’s done a stop-motion version complete with the frustrating anticipation of not getting the particular shape that you need:


Transforming LEGO Game Boy & Tetris + bonus Super Mario 3 Fireflower level

Though we’re a tad behind the interwebs on this one, we wanted to make sure to highlight this excellent transforming Game Boy by Julius von Brunk.

LEGO Game Boy Transformer

Read more on Julius’ blog and check out lots more pics — including the tiny transforming Tetris — on MOCPages or deviantART.

Of course, we’d be remiss in our blog duties if we didn’t also highlight Julius’ carefully rendered LEGO version of the “Fireflower” level from Super Mario 3:

LEGO Super Mario 3 Fireflower level

The tiny photo doesn’t do the massive model justice, so click through for all the details.

Take an 8-bit Trip with Tomas Redigh & Daniel Larsson

Tomas Redigh spent 1,500 hours using LEGO to animate a song by Daniel Larsson. With appearances from Mario, Pong, Tetris, Pac-Man, and more, the video is sure to please any video game fan.

Via Wimp.com. Great tip, nnenn!