Monthly Archives: November 2007

Walking with giants

It’s been a while since Matt (aka lowlead) built, but he shows that he’s still got the skills, in fact… amazing skills! Matt’s AT-AT has been evolving for more than seven years, and the latest v4.0 shows the AT-AT in it’s fullest grandeur.

Here’s more information on this model:

“Although somewhat conventional in construction by today’s standards, this MOC represents more than seven years of evolution and has been a favorite of mine ever since version 1. When I first saw Dave Eaton and Shaun Sullivan’s Hoth diorama, I had to build a UCS style AT-AT of my own.

v4.0 better represents the actual ILM models with a re-designed head, legs and drive cams that articulate in the manner they do in EpV, a new neck, a higher center body section, and a completely re-designed drive section using some metallic wheel hubs from the Silver Champion race car.

Due to weight (it’s reeeeeely hefty) and structural issues, this remains a sculpture MOC, with no interior…for now.

The only disadvantage of fully poseable legs is the mandatory support stand. While it stands free when the legs are positioned straight, the doubled-up clicky joints just aren’t hearty enough to support its weight when the knees are bent, or the legs positioned fore or aft.”

How to make a Pepper’s ghost, by Alex Eylar

In addition to being a band, “Pepper’s Ghost” is a stage technique in which actors appear as ghosts in the production. Alex Eylar has tried his hand at creating this illusion in LEGO:

Click the image to read Alex’s description of the building and photography process on MOCpages.

Noddy strikes the cord of love

Karwik (aka Noddy) conjures the romantic atmosphere of a small intimate cafe called the Two Hearts Cafe, complete with bikes as expected.

This is the third time I blogged Noddy in what seems like such a short time frame, but his recent vignettes are so sentimental and nostalgic. It’s soft of me to say that, but one’s gotta take a break from all the space shooters and war-bots once in a while.