...the greatest form of flattery?

Lately I’ve been having a bit of trouble getting myself motivated to build (mainly due to a highly messy Lego room). In order to remedy this I decided to make a couple of projects broadly imitating other builders’ styles. So…

Pigeon gunship

The Iron Reich-esque “Pigeon” was my attempt to imitate Keith Goldman’s amazing Reich style.

NWAAF Gannet

NWAAF Gannet was an attempt to borrow stylistic elements from Peter Morris and Nnenn to make a starfightery starfighter.

Neither are quite “cover versions” but both were fun to try. I may even continue it to three…

4 comments on “...the greatest form of flattery?

  1. Pixel

    I understand the lack of motivation to build. I’m even worse off, I just moved and there is no good place in the new house for my Legos. My bedroom is much smaller, and there is less public space. So until I either come up with a new storage/organizing solution, or find a place to dump everything out I can’t do any real building.

  2. Dunechaser

    These are both great, and I feel your non-building pain. My collection is down in our basement because there’s no good place to store it on our main level in our house, and my wife doesn’t really appreciate turning the living room (where we spend most of our time) into a “builder’s lounge.” :( I do have room to keep my minifigs upstairs, so that’s why most of what I build these days are minifigs.

  3. Gambort Post author

    The worst thing is I finally actually have a LEGO room, it’s just got a bed in the middle of it and is badly organised… and I’m too busy to arrange it properly.

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