The Rock keeps on rolling

Rock (aka Rocko or RebelRock) is on a roll with his recent fantabulous and diversely themed castle dioramas. His most recent build is vikings! At this rate of building, Rock is going becoming one of my favorite castle builders.

11 comments on “The Rock keeps on rolling

  1. Nannan Post author

    ehefhdsk, it’s only been a little over two weeks since Rocko made his last large diorama, so I’m guessing he built this one during that period.

  2. Rocko

    Shhhhh! Don’t call me that in front of company. ;)

    This was built on Tuesday and Wednesday with a couple parts added on Thursday before pictures. I have a decent organization system so the building part goes pretty quickly. I sit around just thinking for about 2 weeks before building anything. That’s what I’m doing when you see me staring at the wall drinking a beer. I swear, I’m thinking!

  3. Ty

    I FINALLY realized what’s missing. The water. It’s to placid… It could use a wake around the boats or something. That’s just my opinion. Sorry for being such a critic…

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