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Relaxation in the sky

I’ve seen a lot of unusual fantasy floating islands, but this has to be the one I’d like to vacation at most. This lush LEGO Steampunk hotel and spa by Kai/Geneva looks perfectly tempting to spend a few hours soaking in the infinity pool—provided you’re not scared of heights, anyway. And just like the floating island concept itself, I’ve seen a lot of techniques for water, but the addition of some subtle lights built into this pool makes it look absolutely stunning.

Queen's Resort

Schedule a stop at the Station Hotel

From near and far, this world and any other, all are welcome at the luxurious and grand Station Hotel. Builder Andrew Tate delivers yet another lushly decorated building, this time in the form of an ornate, four story hotel inspired by Victorian-era architecture. Built at modular scale but sure to dwarf most other buildings that LEGO has designed, this massive corner hotel’s interior may remain a mystery to most looking up at its windows but for those that take up residence within its halls, it is sure one of the most luxurious accommodations Earth has to offer. Black roofing atop the penthouse suite contrasts the dark red brickwork while complimenting the golden filigree and details worked in above the street windows.

The Station Hotel

As the intrepid young traveler we see approaching the entrance has learned, not every Earther is welcoming to extraterrestrial guests such as himself. Thankfully, he’s stayed at the Station before and has known most of the staff, including Howie the doorman, for many cycles. On top of that, since the fountain outside of the hotel’s entrance is a common gathering spot for locals and tourists alike, he’s enjoyed becoming part of such a welcoming community.

The Station Hotel

Looking at the rest of Andrew Tate’s work, I can tell that he’s great at exteriors and interiors alike. As such, I hope one day we’ll get to see the interior of this beautiful hotel. Minifigure me can always dream of his own life of LEGO luxury, can’t he?

A place to escape from those pesky humans

I remember being super excited when Hotel Transylvania was announced in 2011. Not only due to its quirky theme or creepy characters. Director Genndy Tartakovsky announced that its potential success could also revive his old series, Samurai Jack. Well, Jack came back. Three movies and an animated series later, it’s clear this story was a big hit. Just in time for this Halloween, Mehdi Rustamov built a dollhouse-style playset inspired by this spooky series. This cute and creepy set is brimming with characters and features the main entrance hall, Dracula and Mavi’s rooms, and Quasimodo’s kitchen. Please don’t bother the vacationing creatures as we take a look around, all right?

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Relax in luxury in this modular hotel

The Modular building series of Creator Expert sets has become one of LEGO’s most popular home-brewed themes, and in addition to lots of official sets like Assembly Square, it’s inspired countless fans to build their own buildings in the same style. Although the theme has shifted recently to a 1950s Americana aesthetic with sets like the Corner Garage and Downtown Diner, most of the sets feature a quasi-European vintage style. In that vein, Bricked1980 brings us the lovely hotel Queen Bricktoria as a digital model.

The corner module fits perfectly next to Bricked1980’s Brick Square Post Office module, with both featuring gorgeously ornate decorations. Even though it only features three stories, the hotel seems even taller thanks to its tiered look and upper balcony. It looks like the perfect place for a weekend getaway and a relaxing brunch.

Welcome to the Coral Hotel, where your ocean view room is ready!

This gorgeous piece of LEGO architecture by Andrew Tate is an Art Deco fantasy. Growing up near beach towns as a kid I saw tons of places like this with names like The Dunes, Ocean Vista and The Tides. They were bright, cheerful buildings with tropical color schemes and sun burned beach goers coming in and out. I was fascinated by the various examples of architecture, which ranged from Art Deco design to that of the Atomic 50s.

The Coral Hotel

Get a closer look at this Art Deco architecture

Mark Larson sits down for a Q&A about the new LegoLand Hotel in California.

Mark Larson has been no stranger to readers of The Brothers Brick. Mark is now working for LEGO as a Master Modeler. One of his recent projects has been working on the new Legoland hotel, set to open in April at Legoland California.

Mark recently did an interview with Huffington Post Travel and answered many questions about his work on the hotel, his job with LEGO and how to get a dragon in a bathtub to talk (spoiler alert: it’s secret LEGO magic).

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