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A place to escape from those pesky humans

I remember being super excited when Hotel Transylvania was announced in 2011. Not only due to its quirky theme or creepy characters. Director Genndy Tartakovsky announced that its potential success could also revive his old series, Samurai Jack. Well, Jack came back. Three movies and an animated series later, it’s clear this story was a big hit. Just in time for this Halloween, Mehdi Rustamov built a dollhouse-style playset inspired by this spooky series. This cute and creepy set is brimming with characters and features the main entrance hall, Dracula and Mavi’s rooms, and Quasimodo’s kitchen. Please don’t bother the vacationing creatures as we take a look around, all right?

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We’re digging the gold on this retro register

While the modern world hurtles inexorably towards a cashless society, Mehdi Rustamov offers us a glimpse of the glorious past of retail payments with this wonderful vintage cash register built out of LEGO bricks. I love that Mehdi has used digital rendering to depict such an unashamed celebration of the design styles of the past. This model is spot-on with its detailing — the wooden till drawer with its golden inlays, the buttons, the ornate detailing, and that crank handle. Lovely stuff.

LEGO shop till