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LEGOLAND New York to open in 2020 [News]

Merlin Entertainment announced plans today to build a third LEGOLAND park in the United States, located in Goshen, New York. The park will be the ninth LEGOLAND theme park in the world and will only be open seasonally from April 1 to November 1 when it opens for business in 2020.

The park, located an hour and a half’s drive north of New York City, will be situated in the small town of Goshen near the US Military Academy at West Point and is expected to attract between 1.5-2.5 million tourists a year. The facility will also include a themed hotel and aquarium.

Positions open at LEGOLAND California!

There are currently three full-time positions open, in Ryan Wood’s department, at Merlin Studios Carlsbad, where they build Miniland. One is a permanent Model Builder position and the other two are temporary Model Designer positions that could lead to permanent slots. Don’t have a lot of experience with Miniland scale? Not to worry. They are willing to train the right people. If you are interested, click on the links above to begin the application process. Click on the LEGOLAND banner to go to Ryan’s photostream for more information.

Work Portfolio -2011- Sad Keanu

Wet and wild!

This weekend saw the grand opening of the Legends of Chima water park at LEGOLAND California. The layout and design of the park looks awesome. But instead of having to pore over a mere 2D map of the place, wouldn’t a brick-built 3D version be even more awesomer-rer? Well that’s what LEGOLAND master builder Joel Baker thought, so he designed one!

Joel was actually pool-side as he relayed some cool facts to us about the creation:

“This was built in one week by myself and four other master builders. It weighs 60 lbs and has roughly 55,000 pieces. It is currently part of a media tour and has made it’s way through several cities including New York, Boston, Texas, and Arizona. I hope it ends up in the park, as it would be our first brick built map – I believe the kiddos would enjoy figuring out where they are and where they want to go by pointing at LEGO instead of the usual (but still cool) paper!”

Italian beauties in Denmark

Once every two years, the Danish Ferrari owners club have a meeting in LEGOLAND Billund. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, the former LEGO CEO and current owner of the LEGO Group, may have something to do with this, as he is known to have a soft spot for these Italian beauties. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of his own cars were present. However, this blog is about LEGO rather than about cars. Fortunately, Stephan Sander, whose movie cars were a major inspiration for my own, combines a passion for the famous cars with the prancing horse with a passion for LEGO.

He was there displaying his impressive collection of LEGO Ferraris, photographed here in front of the LEGOLAND model of the Amalienborg Palace. The collection is built to the 1/20 scale used for LEGOLAND cars and includes models of classic Ferraris such as the ultra-rare 1962 GTO and 1970 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 LeMans. My favourite, however, is his model of the much newer 2009 Ferrari 458 Italia.

I love how he has painstakingly sculpted the vehicle’s extremely curvy shape by using clever combinations of half-stud offsets, curved bricks and slopes (and am more than a little jealous of his collection of rare trans clear elements).

LEGOLAND Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake. Apparently, it’s a thing. I suspect this will amuse many of you.

Mark Larson sits down for a Q&A about the new LegoLand Hotel in California.

Mark Larson has been no stranger to readers of The Brothers Brick. Mark is now working for LEGO as a Master Modeler. One of his recent projects has been working on the new Legoland hotel, set to open in April at Legoland California.

Mark recently did an interview with Huffington Post Travel and answered many questions about his work on the hotel, his job with LEGO and how to get a dragon in a bathtub to talk (spoiler alert: it’s secret LEGO magic).

Click on the picture to read the interview.