LEGOLAND New York needs your help to name their Big Red Dino [News]

LEGOLAND New York, which will open its doors sometime later this year is looking for your help to name the Big Red Dino that will be a centrepiece on Brick Street at LEGOLAND New York Resort. It’s made out of 182,101 LEGO DUPLO Bricks and over 1800 hours to build weighing 6245 pounds (over 2832 kgs).

The prize itself would be knowing you’re a part of LEGOLAND history if your choice of name is selected, so, why not give it a try? Submit your suggestion before the 28th of February 2021. 

You’ll never know – it may just become as popular as the unofficial LEGO mascot Brickley the Sea Serpent one day.

Brickley in the LEGO Flagship Leicester Store in London

Brickley has mysterious origins that even LEGO gives an enigmatic answer when probed.

Having said that, user mekaneck222 from Reddit shares the following bit of Brickley history.

Brickley first showed up at the Orlando LEGO Imagination Center when it opened in 1997. At the time, it was one of two “Imagination Centers”, as the Mall of America opened in 1992. After that, Brickley showed up at the other Imagination Centers, or as they were later called “Flagship LEGO Stores”. So, you can find Brickley at any flagship LEGO store, which include Orlando, Anahiem, Downtown Chicago, Downtown New York, the new London store and after it’s remodel, the Mall of America now has a Brickley too.

Brickley in the LEGO Rockefeller Centre in New York

Catch a short video of the making of The Big Red Dino at LEGOLAND New York Resort and if you’re inspired by then, name that Dino and cross your fingers for luck!