A classic canister vacuum brought to us by the brick

Personally, I haven’t seen a vacuum of this type since I was a child–it probably wasn’t my family’s first vacuum, but certainly the first one I remember. After seeing this LEGO vacuum built by Joffre Zheng, I had to do a google search to see for myself if such a model still exists; lo and behold they are still manufactured today even with all the Roombas and Dysons on the market.

Vacuum Cleaner

Joffre’s build is pleasantly simple and conveys the original object quite well. The canister portion makes use of some bricks, tiles, and slopes in white and light blue colors while the wheels are cleverly fashioned out of dark grey 2×2 dishes. The vacuum tubing is rendered by a flexible hose with tabbed back ends. The rod and nozzle components consist of some cylinder tubes, technic parts, as well as more bricks and slopes. It’s always nice to see regular household objects portrayed by LEGO, especially machines or other gadgets.

2 comments on “A classic canister vacuum brought to us by the brick

  1. Erik T

    The Miele canister vacuums are quite nice – I’m not sure why someone would want one of the comparatively clunky uprights Dyson has been pushing for the last 20 years.

    (Heck, Dyson even have a canister lineup now, it’s quite similar to the bagless Mieles.)

  2. Thane

    A vacuum cleaner? A FREAKING VACUUM CLEANER?!?!? You’re featuring a lousy vacuum cleaner? Isn’t there something more interesting you could be showing?

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