These LEGO test bricks are fantastically photogenic [Feature]

When it comes to LEGO, Beryll Roehl is both a collector and artist. LEGO test bricks are the focal point of her collection, and she takes this hobby to the next level by beautifully photographing pieces alongside objects with similar colors. LEGO’s test bricks were produced in a multitude of materials and colors for the purpose of research and development, and they have an exciting history. To learn more about these unique relics of LEGO’s past, be sure to read our informative interview with Beryll. Since then, Beryll has photographed even more bricks like these black BASF bricks with a little bumblebee. How cute!

Black is beautiful!

If you love unusual transparent colored elements, then this Bayer K-brick may be right up your alley. One of the things that makes test bricks so desirable is how some were molded in colors that never went into production. The pink flower in the photo looks excellent alongside the brick; they look like they were made for each other.

Lego Bayer K-brick - transish magenta/purple

Beryll really knows how to stage a photo, as the placement of these milky green ABCD bricks seemingly captures the randomness of nature. This is further enhanced by the bricks being in varying shades to mimic the green and white hues of the flowers.

Lego Bayer ABCD bricks - greenish milkies

If you’re tired of smelling flowers, you can lay on the perfume with this yellowed transparent clear brick.

Lego "Chanel brick"

Have a lighter shade, and you can cut it with some ginger.

Lego Bayer old logo - ginger colour

A milky brown brick looks at home atop the rough edges of a rocky surface.

Lego Bayer ABCD brick - brownish milky

While these dark transparent-colored bricks pair nicely with a freshly cut avocado.

Lego Bayer old logo - trans dark brownish olive

The edibles keep on coming with a transparent-colored K-brick garnishing some rhubarb.

Lego Bayer K-brick - transish Rhubarb color

We’re back to flowers again with milky lavender Bayer bricks. Looking at it alongside the flower makes me want to take a sniff. Scented bricks should be a thing; LEGO, make that crazy idea happen!

Lego Bayer ABCD bricks - milky lavender

Light salmon looks particularly aromatic, too.

Lego Bayer old logo - light salmon

This last image really highlights the the variety of bricks that are out there, while also managing to look like a bowl of blocky jelly beans. Some of those colors are really wild!

Lego Bayer ABCD bricks - colorful milkies