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Relaxation in the sky

I’ve seen a lot of unusual fantasy floating islands, but this has to be the one I’d like to vacation at most. This lush LEGO Steampunk hotel and spa by Kai/Geneva looks perfectly tempting to spend a few hours soaking in the infinity pool—provided you’re not scared of heights, anyway. And just like the floating island concept itself, I’ve seen a lot of techniques for water, but the addition of some subtle lights built into this pool makes it look absolutely stunning.

Queen's Resort

You’re only one swim away from a good mood

When was the last time you saw a LEGO swimming pool? It looks like LEGO fans prefer sea and ocean beaches to enjoying swimming activities without leaving the city. However, this wonderful copy of the Taikoo Pool by mamax711 makes me want to get my flip flops and pretend it’s summer…

Taikoo Pool, Hong Kong (1950s)

Despite looking very simple, this creation can boast a bunch of very interesting building and color solutions. Bonus points are totally for the name of the pool made of red bricks, where LEGO minifigure chairs are skilfully used in the letters P and O!