Schedule a stop at the Station Hotel

From near and far, this world and any other, all are welcome at the luxurious and grand Station Hotel. Builder Andrew Tate delivers yet another lushly decorated building, this time in the form of an ornate, four story hotel inspired by Victorian-era architecture. Built at modular scale but sure to dwarf most other buildings that LEGO has designed, this massive corner hotel’s interior may remain a mystery to most looking up at its windows but for those that take up residence within its halls, it is sure one of the most luxurious accommodations Earth has to offer. Black roofing atop the penthouse suite contrasts the dark red brickwork while complimenting the golden filigree and details worked in above the street windows.

The Station Hotel

As the intrepid young traveler we see approaching the entrance has learned, not every Earther is welcoming to extraterrestrial guests such as himself. Thankfully, he’s stayed at the Station before and has known most of the staff, including Howie the doorman, for many cycles. On top of that, since the fountain outside of the hotel’s entrance is a common gathering spot for locals and tourists alike, he’s enjoyed becoming part of such a welcoming community.

The Station Hotel

Looking at the rest of Andrew Tate’s work, I can tell that he’s great at exteriors and interiors alike. As such, I hope one day we’ll get to see the interior of this beautiful hotel. Minifigure me can always dream of his own life of LEGO luxury, can’t he?

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