We’re gonna need a bigger cave racer...

The title of Brent “thwaak” Wolke‘s entry for the Reasonably Clever Pigs on the Wing contest was too perfect not to *ahem* borrow for my own post title here. ;-) Brent’s Jaws-inspired fishing boat/cave racer manages to hit all the rules while still being completely unlike any other cave racer we’ve featured or that appears Continue reading →

Pigs on the Wing Animal Piloted Cave Racers contest [w00t!]

Another great contest has been announced, the Animal Piloted Cave Racers Contest. Check out the rules here and the discussion thread here!

Nannan’s lineup of cave racers

The cave racers fad started by Tim Gould is sweeping the community like a superfast swoosh. There are countless versions of these small crafts made by many builders and in all kinds of styles. While we have attempted to blog some in the past. It’s nearly impossible to keep up, but the majority of the Continue reading →

What a pretty Cave Racer...

In honor of Tim, our fellow Brickian Brother, Jas Nagra has concocted a little cave racer and given it some rather unusual colors. Pink and teal anyone?

Hover car racer crosses the line

Rod Gillies’ LEGO hover car racer takes the title

Roadster Racers get the LEGO look

A trio of hot-doggin’ Disney Hot Rods from Ian Ying.

This Le Mans racer is alternately awesome

Technic whiz Milan brings us this sweet Le Mans racer, proving that you only need 1 set to build an amazing custom model.

This old-timey racer has moxie, see!

Put on your glad rags and get a wiggle on in this vintage race car built by Joe Maruschak. Now that’s cooking with gas!

LEGO Star Wars 75258 Anakin’s Podracer – 20th Anniversary Edition [Review]

We take a look at Anakin’s Podracer – 20th Anniversary Edition, one of the themes from Star Wars that has not been revisited in a while.

This LEGO Lancia rally racer almost looks real

This slick 1:11-scale LEGO car by Bricksonwheels is one of the coolest racers we’ve seen!

Stylish sci-fi racer approaches the starting line

This sleek racecar by Vince Toulouse looks like it would fit equally with a Tron lightcycle or on a Monte Carlo racetrack.

Mini LEGO Fireball racer from Star Wars: Resistance

Tim Goddard is first out of the gate with a LEGO version of the Fireball from Disney’s new animated TV series Star Wars Resistance.