Nannan’s lineup of cave racers

The cave racers fad started by Tim Gould is sweeping the community like a superfast swoosh. There are countless versions of these small crafts made by many builders and in all kinds of styles. While we have attempted to blog some in the past. It’s nearly impossible to keep up, but the majority of the racers can be found in the cave racers flickr pool. Meanwhile, here’s a roundup of my recent contributions to the genre.

7 comments on “Nannan’s lineup of cave racers

  1. Bloody muppets

    Is it just me that thinks Nannan, talented as he is, should stop blogging about himself?

    I’m tired of his “I did this” and “I did that” – put those on your web-page! With half a million cave racers to choose from, why choose your own?

  2. Josh

    No, I don’t think Nannan should stop blogging his own creations. He isn’t the only one. Most, if not all, of us here on TBB have blogged their own stuff.

    And if Nannan wasn’t a contributor here, each of those cave racers would have been blogged here. Why? Because they’re good. Why didn’t he blog the other “half a million” racers out there? He has, many times.

    Nannan is a talented builder (and blogger) and deserves to be able to display those talents.

  3. Andrew

    @Bloody muppets: That’s good feedback, and we appreciate it. It’s important to know what impression we’re making among our readers with our posts.

    However, I agree with Josh. If Nannan weren’t a contributor, one of the rest of us would likely have blogged his creations anyway. Because they’re good. One of the reasons I’ve chosen each of the other five contributors is because they’re all good at what they do, and their creations generally deserve to be blogged. Highlighting their own creations just saves me time. ;-)

    Yes, Nannan posts his own stuff fairly frequently, but that’s just because he’s a talented and prolific builder — he shouldn’t be penalized for that. If the rest of us built more often, we’d also post our own stuff here more often.

  4. Bloody muppets

    First of all, sorry for my first post, re-reading it, I think the tone was totally inappropriate. The fact you did not block it at moderation, and even took the time to reply, is an indication that you are way better people than I am (me and my childish fake handle which I will keep for convenience sake).

    But – I’m not convinced, and my original content stands. Your points would ordinarily be OK, but there are a couple of things that make this case different for me:

    a. High frequency: blogging your own stuff is fine, but when you do so a lot, I think it can be perceived as bordering on the egotism. YMMV on the “a lot” part, of course, but for me, this definitely is “a lot”. And no, I don’t think frequency of creation counts in this perception, because I have no visibility at all on that.

    b. Originality: when a creation is truly original, (like a theme-starter), I have no issues with a self-blog – but cave racers? Everyone is doing cave racers these days, and we had them covered from about every angle – why not use some of the half-million other good racers (there are many) to display creations from new builders and encourage participation, rather than convey the idea of a closed, “invite only” community?

    Enough banter – solution proposal time!

    1. use 1 or 2 posts in a month from established themes like cave racers or post-apocalyptic to blog newcomers (good ones, that is ^_^)

    2. If multiple posts about the same builder are justified by prolificity (or whatever you spell that), then say so. And say so again. And again. And again. Every time. We forget.

    3. for well-known and very prolific builders, run occasional “profile” or “status” posts. They could share some interesting new things about themselves (e.g. creative process, collection organization, whatever), at the same time display creations that would not ordinarily fit well into their own post because of the reasons above.

    Of course, this is only my 0.02 USD – keep up the good work, all – I think the blog overall is very, very good!

  5. Josh

    Muppet – Thank you for the apology. I don’t have a problem with you voicing your opinions, it was the tone with which I had a problem. It really sounded as if you had a problem with Nannan, not the practice of blogging our own creations.

    Your post was well thought out and we will consider your advice.

  6. Nannan Post author

    Muppet, I appreciate your imput. Self-blogging is encouraged here at TBB, and we have a seperate category called “our own creations”. It is a way of establishing image and credibility to us contributors to show that we are more than a group of names that fishes for great creations. By blogging our works, readers not only familiarize with who we are but also see see evidence of our contributions to the building community. You may be surprised that a significant portion and perhaps the majority of our readership comes from those who are not familiar with the LEGO fan community. Thus, we have never discouraged frequent postings, even if multiple posts come from just a handful of prolific high-profile builders such as Rocko, nnenn, or izzo. I hope this clears up any concerns you may have and am glad that you continue to enjoy the blog.

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