The time has come, the Walrus said, to vote on many things

Well, this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Its time to actually vote on who will possibly represent The Brothers Brick readership community as a LEGO Ambassador. So come out of your dens, caves, lairs, or cubbyholes and vote! Reserve those future complaining rights and vote now! Because if you don’t vote now, you can’t complain later. :)

Remember, any given community group can nominate up to three people, so we’ve set up the poll so you can vote for up to three people. We will be sending the names of the top three to LEGO, along with the number of votes that each one got.

UPDATE (5/24/08): Voting is now closed. I’m replacing the poll with a screen shot of the results.

Make sure LEGO hears your voice. Stand up and be counted!

Of course, this isn’t the only nomination and voting process going on in the broader LEGO fan community. Make sure you participate in the nomination/voting process in other communities you also belong to:

6 comments on “The time has come, the Walrus said, to vote on many things

  1. Lord_Of_The_LEGO

    I barely post anymore (something I plan on changing this summer, though). I’m not deserving of the nomination (though I am flattered).

    Fellow brothers Andrew, Nannan, Tim, you have my vote.

  2. Andrew

    Nathan, you didn’t decline in the nomination thread, so I assumed you wanted your name to stand. Sounds like you’re coming up for air from your finals and declining now, though, so I’ll remove your name from the poll.

  3. Lord_Of_The_LEGO

    Thanks, Andrew. I’ve tried and failed to keep up with this whole Ambassador business, and I didn’t realize I needed to decline.

    Maybe next time, when school isn’t eating me alive. :)

  4. DARKspawn

    Hmmm … who should represet TBB as an LA? A Tough choice? I think not! Good luck Brothers!

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