Pigs on the Wing Animal Piloted Cave Racers contest [w00t!]

Another great contest has been announced, the Animal Piloted Cave Racers Contest. Check out the rules here and the discussion thread here!

8 comments on “Pigs on the Wing Animal Piloted Cave Racers contest [w00t!]

  1. Nannan

    I figured there ought to be a cave racer contest, but the animals theme came by surprise, somehow I’ll be expecting a lot of monkey pilots.

  2. Josh

    Nannan, I think you’re right about the monkeys. But I’m sure there will be much higher creativity points for certain other types of pilots. Also the fact that you can’t attach the pilots by their legs may dissuade people from using monkeys.

  3. Louise

    I’ve observed the Reasonably Clever contests for a while, and a lot of entrants have been kids who submit very blurry photos of random BOLOCS (literal and metaphorical!) and moan when the only decent ones (usually AFOL submissions) win.

    Inevitably the kids over at Reasonably Clever are already moaning about the strict rules on this one, which suggests fewer of them will end up entering.

  4. Chris Doyle

    It’ll be interesting to see if the stricter rules do change the makeup of the entry grid any. Perhaps the higher-profile theme will attract a larger AFOL turnout, too.

    Yeah, some of the youngin’s do whine, but I think it’s still positive to see all ages involved with these contests. After all, most of us AFOLs started out as FOLs, after all…

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