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Shrink-O-Matic Naboo Starfighter

The Palpatine’s Shrink-O-Matic contest over at FBTB comes to a close at midnight PST tonight. One of my favourite entries that I have stumbled across is this Naboo Starfighter by Bartosz Sasiński (bartosza6m (War-C)). The construction of the cockpit is absolutely brilliant, and the sleek shaping is spot on. Plus the display stand really adds a nice final polish.


Garry_rocks absolutely rocks!

Tau Fire WarriorFlickr user Garry_rocks has been churning out an endless supply of stunning mecha and hardsuit designs ever since he joined in November. I tend to overlook strictly virtual creations more than I probably should, and Garry reinforces that I should pay closer to attention to LEGO Digitial Designer (LDD) models more often. The fact that he creates these models without being able to hold the bricks impresses me even further, when I build it is always by trial & error and just generally fiddling with the pieces. If you haven’t already, you must take some time to browse through Garry’s stream. It is guaranteed to inspire all the mecha and sci-fi builders out there.

"Rage" Heavy Hardsuit/Light Tank

Garry has a total knack for creating fantastic cockpit designs at a relatively small scale…trust me when I say that I have been making notes.
"Ram" Medium Hardsuit

A message from Mike Crowley’s family

M8 sees MikeAs many of you know, the LEGO building community lost a leading light earlier this month, when Mike “Count Blockula” Crowley passed away.

The love and sympathy expressed here, on Facebook, Flickr, FBTB, and all of Mike’s other online homes didn’t go unnoticed by Mike’s friends and family, who asked me to pass along this message from Mike’s parents to all of you.

My wife Janina and I wish to pass along our gratitude to the wonderful folks from the Lego Brick community for their outpouring of sympathy to the family at Mike’s passing. We greatly appreciated so many sharing stories and pictures of their memories of Mike at the many conferences he attended. He so loved these times when his health was better and you all made us aware of a side of him that we did not know existed.

Again, thank you all for your kindness, it made a very difficult time for the Crowley family a great deal easier knowing that the Count had so many friends and fans.

God Bless you all,

Paul and Janina Crowley

Watch the World Burn

This scene by James Pegrum is wonderfully atmospheric, depicting the origins of the Great Fire of London, which ravaged the city for four days in 1666. More than simply building a cool diorama, though, James has carefully planned his photograph to take advantage of the terrific lighting and the placement of his structures, to keep the entire image within his creation, giving it a fantastic sense of calamity.

I’m a firestarter LEGO sales & deals – Jan 29, 2013

We highlighted some LEGO sales & deals on late last week, but for those who missed that post, there are still some pretty sweet discounts on LEGO.

Highlights include 4440 Police Forest Station, which is currently marked as “pre-order,” but the page says it’ll be in stock on February 1. At 28% off (5% more off since last Friday), you save over $22.

Other items still on sale: