LEGO sales & deals – Jan 29, 2013

We highlighted some LEGO sales & deals on late last week, but for those who missed that post, there are still some pretty sweet discounts on LEGO.

Highlights include 4440 Police Forest Station, which is currently marked as “pre-order,” but the page says it’ll be in stock on February 1. At 28% off (5% more off since last Friday), you save over $22.

Other items still on sale:

2 comments on “ LEGO sales & deals – Jan 29, 2013

  1. Chris

    I still love the sales, but Excavator Transport wasn’t originally $59.99, like Amazon claims. It retails for $39.99, so it’s about 25% off. The Werewolf set, on the other hand, is a total steal.

  2. Andrew Post author

    ^ Gah! Never trust the stated “original” prices on sites other than, I suppose. Thanks! Still a good deal. ;-)

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