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LEGO Colosseum epic enough for a visit from the LEGO Pope

The archaeological purist in me had initially passed this up because it’s white (versus the tan-hued limestone and weathered brick of the real thing), but the Internet has convinced me that this LEGO Colosseum by Ryan McNaught — whose equally epic Saturn V rocket we highlighted earlier this year — is too epic to ignore.

LEGO Colosseum

Ryan’s Colosseum is split into modern and ancient halves, with a ruined structure on the left and a shiny new amphitheatre populated by entertained Romans on the right.

His scene is completed by a LEGO version of the nearby Arch of Constantine:

LEGO Constantines arch

Check out lots of photos (many with great little scenes of daily life in modern and ancient Rome) in Ryan’s photoset on Flickr.

Anu puts brick bricks to good use

The 2012 LEGO City sets were the first to include the new “brick bricks” more than six months ago, but it’s only recently that LEGO builders have accumulated enough of the new element to build something substantial with them. Anu Pehrson treats us to a lovely modular building full of rich colors and wonderful details. The fluted columns on the second story are a great touch.

One Brick Plaza-1

Douglas DB-7 A-20 Havoc / Boston bomber

With so many great examples, I think at this point we’ve come to expect pretty great models of iconic World War II aircraft like the Boeing B-17 bomber from LEGO military builders. But we don’t often see less well-known aircraft like the Douglas A-20 “Havoc”. mrutek takes up that challenge to deliver a wonderfully sculpted rendition of the DB-7.


Thanks for the tip, Chris!

LEGO Star Wars Rancor Pit revealed at SDCC + Jabba’s Palace out in UK [News]

The LEGO set news from San Diego Comic-Con keeps coming, fast & furious. In addition to Bag End, LEGO has revealed a new LEGO Star Wars set, the Rancor Pit from Return of the Jedi. It looks like it comes with Luke, Rancor Keeper, and Gammorrean Guard minifigs (in addition to the Rancor itself).

Rancor Set Official Image

FBTB has more pics from the show floor.

And since we haven’t featured an official picture of the Jabba’s Palace playset here yet, take a look (via Brickset).

LEGO Star Wars 9516 Jabba's Palace

It’s not out in the US yet, but our readers in the UK can already pick up 9516 Jabba’s Palace from the LEGO Shop for 120 GBP.

Pierre goes big + shows off his LEGO workspace

We’re used to seeing epic microscale spaceships from Pierre E Fieschi, so this minifig-scale intercepter/bomber was a pleasant surprise. The gantry alone is fantastic, but the vehicle itself has all kinds of crazy angles and spots of color to pore over in the full-size photo.


As much as I enjoy Pierre’s latest build, I was most intrigued recently by Pierre’s LEGO workspace:


Even his workspace is aesthetically pleasing, while remaining functional with a plexiglass surface on a turntable, surrounded by well-sorted LEGO.

Pictures of 2013 LEGO Superheroes minifigs

FBTB has been providing detailed coverage the Lego news at Comic-Con. One of the big reveals besides the first Hobbit set are the 2013 Lego superheroes minifigs. They include Mister Freeze, Aquaman, White Suit Batman, Bane, Commissioner Gordon, Robin, Scarecrow, Joker, Penguin, Harley Quinn, Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Venom, Nova, Jonah Jameson, Doctor Doom, and Beetle. See pictures of the entire lineup on FBTB’s Flickr photostream.

New DC and Marvel minifigs

Compilation picture by Bryant.

Griphook CT-15 carrier by Lazer Blade

Kyle Collard (Lazer Blade) has been working on an interesting space carrier for several weeks, and just completed it yesterday. It’s got a color scheme near to my heart, with an overall structure reminiscent of some of Pierre‘s best work. But Kyle adds a combination of angles, curves, and greebling all his own for a spectacular result.

Griphook CT-15

The brick-built lettering wonderfully captures a military-industrial aesthetic, and every exposed stud looks intentional.