LEGO Star Wars Rancor Pit revealed at SDCC + Jabba’s Palace out in UK [News]

The LEGO set news from San Diego Comic-Con keeps coming, fast & furious. In addition to Bag End, LEGO has revealed a new LEGO Star Wars set, the Rancor Pit from Return of the Jedi. It looks like it comes with Luke, Rancor Keeper, and Gammorrean Guard minifigs (in addition to the Rancor itself).

Rancor Set Official Image

FBTB has more pics from the show floor.

And since we haven’t featured an official picture of the Jabba’s Palace playset here yet, take a look (via Brickset).

LEGO Star Wars 9516 Jabba's Palace

It’s not out in the US yet, but our readers in the UK can already pick up 9516 Jabba’s Palace from the LEGO Shop for 120 GBP.

8 comments on “LEGO Star Wars Rancor Pit revealed at SDCC + Jabba’s Palace out in UK [News]

  1. Zrath

    You can get Jabba’s Palace in the US right now from either the Toys’R’Us website (stupidly overpriced shipping) or (normal-priced free shipping). Choose wisely. :D
    The Lego Shop and Lego Stores won’t have them until August 1st. :(

  2. Zrath

    Wow, the system stripped the “plus” signs I used in the above comment. Why?
    Anyway, I meant “stupidly overpriced plus shipping” versus “normal-priced plus free shipping”.
    There, I hope it doesn’t strip the quote marks.

  3. Andrew Post author

    ^ I was hoping the update I just made on the server would fix this, but no luck. For now, it’s a known issue. Sorry! :-(

  4. Modok

    I give Lego a lot of credit for doing something new and unusual like this quasi-modular Jabba’s Palace/Rancor pit duo. I wish there was a base plate at the center of the floor rather than a hole. I realize they had to make the base thicker and stronger to accommodate the palace on top, but that hole in the middle just looks odd.

    Also, it can’t be said enough: $120 for the palace is utterly absurd. The palace itself is nice, but nothing earth-shattering. As usual, we’re paying through the nose for a collection of Star Wars minifigs.

  5. DFOL

    The summer wave of Star Wars sets only just got available in the UK? How odd, they’ve been around in both regular toy stores and Shop at Home in the Netherlands for nearly two months now. I figured they would be released in all of Europe simultaneously, guess i thought wrong.

    I really like Jabba’s Palace. A bit on the small side, but it’s still a nice way to portray the scene. The outside looks good too, and the fact that it can interconnect with the upcoming Rancor Pit is a nice prospect. But… i just don’t think it’s worth spending that much money on, even with the selection of unique minifigures the retail price is just ridiculously high.

  6. BeeGeeDee

    I saw them in a store last week – Smyths in ROI for 149 euro. I have to say this is one I’ll be avoiding unless the price comes down a lot.

  7. 5p8c3

    I aggree with Modok and I quote: we’re paying through the nose for a collection of Star Wars minifigs.

    Maybe in the future LEGO can only start selling the figures because in a few years that’s only what is left… 8)

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