Pictures of Collectable Minifigures Series 8

Brickipedia has posted the first images of Collectable Minifigures Series 8 that will be released in September. This one’s not the best in my opinion but still a fair lineup.

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  1. Jai

    Pretty happy with it! The bavarian pretzel guy seems like an odd choice, but okay. There’s… another skier. Eh. There’s another robot that looks like an evil version of the Series 1 robot? Works for me, but I recognize that it feels lazy (Others may feel that way for the cheerleader as well). The inclusion of the man-bat is the strangest choice, in my opinion. Isn’t it just a black-furred version of the brown-furred figure you can get in a Monster Hunters set? Perhaps others will appreciate it more than me.

    The others are all great!

  2. zane houston

    Ehhh… there are a few good ones but this might be the least appetizing series so far

  3. manfromporlock

    I have to say that I’m pretty disappointed in this set. Just seems to lack some of the imagination that the other series had. Maybe they just had their A team on the new Star Wars, Superheroes, and Monster Hunters sets.

  4. samrad

    meh, DJ, conquistador, city gent and shakespearean actor, possibly Fairy and rodeo girl, very poor addition of accessories. I thought series 7 had got a bit tired and it was the first one I only bought the figures I liked rather than trying to collect the whole set. This one has way too many rehashes of other figs and looks like the concept is losing imagination.
    Come on lego there’s tons of ideas out there for figures. Hopefully the release of the team GB figs as well as lots of new lines has mant they’ve had to phone this series in.
    I’m still waiting for a british bobby fig :)

  5. 5p8c3

    I quote (Samrad): “…looks like the concept is losing imagination”.

    I can understand your comment but please share your ideas and tell us what you like to see…but please keep the following things in mind:

    – that LEGO in the first place is a toy for kids
    –> no WWI or II stuff
    –> no ultimate violent figures

    -that it must be possible to produce it
    –> no 10 accessories for each figure.

    -that no license figures are used
    –> Halo, Transformers, Freddy Krueger, etc

    – that the figure is recognizable in a certain degree for the kid

    I looking forward to some new ideas.

  6. Nadrojj

    I too am pretty disappointed with this set, this will be the first set I don’t collect every figure in. The only really appealing figure I see in this set is the diver, a few others are ok but another skier, robot, cheerleader?

    Ideas for new figs:

    wizard – no wizard fig yet in the miniseries figs (i know with lotr sets coming out that there will be plenty of gandalfs available but still a minifig wizard would be nice)

    Animal suit guy – I really liked the dinosaur man from series 5, the bunny suit man from series 7. It would be nice to see another animal suit guy, maybe a tiger suit?

    Miner – Pickaxe – hard hat sooty overalls maybe even a gem
    Fireman – hat, airtank, face shield
    british police bobby – funny hat and a nightstick
    blacksmith – anvil hammer sword
    civil war soldier – like we had in the old west sets rifle – army hat
    gardener – a spade, flower pot, flower
    hunter – camoflauge, orange saftey vest orange hat rifle
    cat lady – older lady grey hair, three small cats as accessories
    vodoo chief – think of the old island series, something like one of those guys with the red hat/helmet
    hermes – a guy in a loincloth/skirt use a 1×1 flat for his sandals, give the 1×1 a custom wing for his winged sandals
    zeus – white robes, gold crown, thunder bolt
    medusa – green snake hair, black robe
    griller – small grill , apron, tongs
    cyclops – one eye painted on head, club, fur tunic

    Just a few quick ideas, i know some of them might be harder to pull off than others.

  7. Ramone

    You can NEVER have enough robots! Though, it’d be cool if there were some Japanese influenced ones.

    Seriously though, I like the idea of more peeps in animal constumes. Did you pick up the guy in the gorilla suit? CLASSIC!

    I’d love to see some generic super heroes to mingle with the licensed cast.

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