Pictures of 2013 LEGO Superheroes minifigs

FBTB has been providing detailed coverage the Lego news at Comic-Con. One of the big reveals besides the first Hobbit set are the 2013 Lego superheroes minifigs. They include Mister Freeze, Aquaman, White Suit Batman, Bane, Commissioner Gordon, Robin, Scarecrow, Joker, Penguin, Harley Quinn, Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Venom, Nova, Jonah Jameson, Doctor Doom, and Beetle. See pictures of the entire lineup on FBTB’s Flickr photostream.

New DC and Marvel minifigs

Compilation picture by Bryant.

3 comments on “Pictures of 2013 LEGO Superheroes minifigs

  1. Jai

    Yep, lovin’ this. Nova, Doctor Doom, Beetle and Venom? Awesome. Cool version of Mr. Freeze, too.

  2. 5p8c3

    Like the overall fig line up although the execution of the decoration is different…looks like two people made the decoration (with and without perspective – different anatomy – etc).

    Also I find that the figures got too detailed over the past years and it start too loss a bit of LEGO DNA imo. Like Venom with pink gum…essence of the character’s is lost a bit…simplicity is so nice and less is more imo.

    Regarding the characters themself, the pinguin looks like a kid and Dr Doom has imo a weird face execution.

  3. Ramone

    Srsly? Doom is my top pic. Funny how things bug people. Yeah, these are some of the best character figs in a long time. I’m liking the supers line up better than Star Wars these days.

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